Intarcia Therapeutics, a Boston-based biotech startup, has been working on creating a new type 2 diabetes treatment that could replace the need for a daily pill. Development started in 2012 and the company has recently started to make plans to file for FDA approval.

The drug is designed to help control high blood sugar levels, but will not be an oral medication like many of the type 2 drugs currently on the market. Intarcia’s drug is contained in a matchstick-sized osmotic pump that is implanted during a one-minute outpatient procedure. Rather than having to take a pill every day, this pump will provide continuous treatment for up to one year.

In a preliminary trial of 535 type 2 diabetes patients, the researchers claim those on Intarcia’s drug nearly doubled glucose reductions and more than tripled weight loss in comparison to patients using Januvia.

The company is planning on filing for FDA approval in early 2016 and is hoping to release the drug by mid-2017.

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