See diabetes in a whole new way with the Periodic Table of Diabetes Management.

The periodic table is a staple of every high school chemistry classroom. With its rows and columns of impeccably sorted elements, the building blocks of life as we know it can be viewed together, each one existing in perfect harmony with the others. Order out of chaos. Understanding out of confusion. The periodic table helps us see the world with new eyes.

Individuals with diabetes, a decidedly complicated and multifaceted affliction, haven’t had this luxury. It’s been almost impossible to see the big picture of diabetes when there are literally dozens upon dozens of elements of living with this disease to consider on any given day.

Until now. The Periodic Table of Diabetes Management helps put life with diabetes into perspective.

Welcome to the world of diabetes.

How to use the Periodic Table of Diabetes Management

Diabetes affects each individual differently. Those with type 1 have specific concerns, while those with type 2 have others. This table includes every aspect of life with diabetes in the following categories:

  • Blood Sugar Levels
  • Complications
  • Costs & Insurance
  • Diet
  • Emotional Health & Coping
  • Equipment
  • Exercise
  • Medications & Treatments
  • Support & Healthcare Team
  • Wish List

Each element on the table has a number, its “weight,” which corresponds to the likelihood and frequency at which a person with diabetes may think about or interact with the element on any given day. This weight is shown on a scale from zero (not likely or frequent) to five (very likely and very frequent).

As an example, every person with diabetes thinks about the carbs (C) in their diet each and every single day, which is why this element has a weight of 4.8. On the other hand, while some with diabetes will seek out treatment from a psychiatrist (PsY), many will not, which is why its weight is 0.8.

Examine the table closely. Did we forget any key elements in your day? Were we wrong on any weights? Share in the comments section below.

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Diabetic Connect created the Periodic Table of Diabetes Management for you, but it’s not just for you.

  • It’s for your friends, when they don’t understand why you need to count carbs before every meal.
  • It’s for your family, when they don’t know why you need to bring all your diabetic equipment to the weekend family reunion.
  • It’s for your significant other, so he or she can sympathize and support you when you’re burned out from trying to keep your Hba1c in check.

Our hope is that the Periodic Table of Diabetes Management helps you share your life with diabetes with others. Let’s work together to spread understanding of this disease in a format that’s educational, visually stunning, and gives a complete view of diabetes for the world to see.

Check out the Periodic Table of Diabetes Management now!