On March 31, 2015, we had a #DCDE Twitter chat discussing healthy cooking and diabetes. We talked about how to replace high-carb ingredients with low-carb substitutes, how to meal plan, how to maintain positive social interactions where food is present, and how to manage the family's diet vs. your diabetes diet.

We welcomed back our wonderful host Jewels Doskicz, registered nurse, (@She_Sugar), and were lucky to have Robyn Webb, MS, (@RobynWebb) nutritionist, award-winning cookbook author and food editor of Diabetes Forecast Magazine, as our special guest.

Robyn Webb diabetes nutrition expert

Question 1

We got right into the discussion by asking the question:
what is your greatest cooking challenge with diabetes?

Robyn jumped in immediately, saying hers was making the food tasty while healthy:
making food taste good while being healthy

Planning ahead of time was also hard for people:
planning meals ahead of time so don't go over carb budget

For some who have to cook for children, finding healthy things they'll like can be tricky. Like for Ronel, who has a child with type 1 diabetes:
make food interesting and healthy

Others talked about how difficult ordering healthy, diabetic-friendly food at restaurants can be:
going to restaurants make it hard to know carb count

Many talked about the challenge of cooking when guests come over and keeping your diabetes management in check. Do you cook a higher-carb meal for them and cook a separate dish for yourself?

Robyn answered this concern with:
when I entertain everyone gets the same thing

If that's good enough for the professional cook and nutrition expert, it's good enough for us!

We also talked about substitutes for high-carb desserts. Jewels led the pack on this:
higher fat and lower carb desserts

She explained that some of her dessert favorites are vegan tofu cookies, dark chocolate, and strawberries and whipping cream. She gave the tip that whipping a can of coconut milk can make great icing, but Robyn said the can should be cold for the optimal finished product.

Question 2

In our next question we talked about friends and family, asking,

what do family and friends say about healthy meals?

Abby said they are shocked when she eats healthier:
don't like vegetables, so people shocked when she eats them

Others said people comment on the dedication they have to eating healthy:
takes effort to make healthy food

Ally talked about how people can pressure her, but with time they begin to adapt to her lifestyle:
diabetics pressured to eat carbs

diabetics appreciate when others care about their diet limitations

In response to Ally, Robyn said that you should never give in to the pressure:
let people know about diabetes and stand your ground

We then moved on to talking about the wonders of cauliflower as a substitute for flour, rice, and other carb products.

You'll have to check out Robyn's new cookbook:
Perfect Meal cookbook

Chris mentioned Robyn's amazing breadstick recipe:
delicious cauliflower breadstick recipe
You can find the recipe on Diabetic Connect.

Chris also talked about the substitutes he uses in place of high-carb ingredients. He cleans up his ingredients by finding alternatives for table sugar, and using whole-wheat pasta, brown rice and almond flour for carb recipes.

Question 3

Next we talked about the consequences eating healthy has on social situations:
Eating is social. How has diabetes changed this for you?

Some people talked about having to test and perform math equations to keep blood sugar in check in front of others:
math problems when eating with diabetes

diabetics testing before eating

Some people don't like showing their diabetes equipment/supplies in front of others:
different food choices for diabetics when eat in front of others

But others are used to it and don't let other people affect their diabetes management:
diabetes is a part of me

Rick said social settings aren't a problem since diabetes has been there his whole life:
diet has always been low-carb

Question 4

We followed that question with discussing meal plans and accommodating the needs of the whole family:
meal planning to make it inclusive for everyone

Many people say they plan their meals once a week. This often includes shopping for all the ingredients and meal prepping to get ready for the week ahead:

meal plan and grocery shop once a week

supportive family eats same thing as diabetic
We love the support Edel feels from her family!

Kerry, a type 2 diabetic living in Singapore, is more ambitious:
monthly meal plan

Robyn responded to Kerry:
program for meal prepping

Kerry said that her program is actually one she made herself based on several online sources. She also said that she stores many of her favorite healthy recipes on Pinterest.

Kelly gave us a great tip:
add non-starchy vegetables to everything you can

She said she's even done taste-testing with her kids, and they can't tell the difference between recipes with added vegetables and ones without.

Question 5

We then shared how our diabetes diet has inspired others around us to lead healthier lifestyles:
healthy eating positive impact

Robyn said she is actually inspired by the people around her:
people who eat healthy are inspiring

Others admitted that they might not be eating as healthy as they can be:
I need to eat healthier

hard time eating healthy

Rose said that time constraints are the hardest thing to overcome when eating healthy. It's so much easier to go through the drive-thru when you are busy. We've all been there. Jewels suggested using the weekends to prepare meals if cooking on the weekdays sounds exhausting. Robyn suggested to cook enough food on one day for at least the next two to three days.

Others talked about how perceptions on healthy eating often begin in childhood:
teaching about healthy eating starts at young age

eating healthy as a type 1 diabetic

Question 6

Though we talked about substitutions and alternatives for unhealthy ingredients a lot throughout the chat, we wanted to end with this question:
favorite diabetes recipe

We always love when people bring humor into the chats:
cinnamon good for diabetes

We do not advise you to follow Rick's suggestion.

Others said they love ginger and garlic as a seasoner:
garlic and ginger

Nut butters like almond butter and peanut butter are also popular because they are rich in protein, fat, and flavor:
nut butters good healthy fat

You should check out the newest edition of Diabetes Forecast Magazine for Robyn's newest recipes:
recipes to share

Others shared delicious-sounding entrees:
Jewels food

eggplant lasagna

veggie burger


We learned so much from this Twitter chat! What a great group of people sharing ideas on how to lead healthier lives by eating healthy foods.

eat healthier for diabetes care

eat yummy food for while living with diabetes

Thank you to Robyn Webb for all of her expertise. Until next time!

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