In the Twitter chat on February 17, 2015 we discussed diabetes technology, its advantages and disadvantages and the advancements that are most important to helping us manage our diabetes.

We welcomed back Jewels Doskicz, RN (@She_Sugar), who we have enjoyed as our Twitter chat host for a few months. Jewels is a type 1 diabetic and has a daughter with type 1 diabetes. This with her career as a nurse helps her stay on top of the latest diabetes technologies, so she had a lot of valuable information to share with the group.

Our featured guest was Hayley Miller, MD (@DiabeticDoc), an endocrinologist who also happens to have type 1 diabetes. Since most of her patients have diabetes, Hayley is well versed in diabetes technology and services. She told us she likes to try out a bunch of different technologies, including inhaled insulin, in her personal diabetes management so she will know how they would affect her patients and if they are worth the money.

We started the chat off with introductions and greetings:

looking forward to tonight's discussion #DCDE Twitter chat

type 1 diabetes for 11 years

Question 1

Then we asked the question:
how has diabetes technology advanced since you were first diagnosed?

Hayley jumped right in:
diabetes technology has improved light years since I was first diagnosed

Some people were diagnosed decades ago, and remembered a much more rudimentary type of diabetes treatment:
boiled needles in the old days of diabetes care

Others remember not having insulin readily available:
Humalog and Lantus didn't exist when I was diagnosed with diabetes

Some people recognize the advancements, but want to stick to older management strategies:
daily injections instead of an insulin pump for diabetes care

Question 2

Then we asked, "What do you see as more valuable — research for treatments or for a cure?"

Some people, including Hayley, thought that research for both treatments and cures are equally important:
middle path in diabetes research for treatment and cure

research for both cure and treatment of diabetes are vital

Others said we should focus on the cure:
a diabetes cure is the treatment

search for a diabetes cure will lead to diabetes treatments

Jewels said that Smart Insulin, which is currently being researched by JDRF, would be a cure in her eyes.

Question 3

The next question was actually a request:
diabetes treatment/technology that is still missing

Lots of people agreed that the artificial pancreas is a huge hole in diabetes care:
artificial pancreas for diabetes care

stable glucagon, smart insulin, artificial pancreas for diabetes care

Hayley also told us that stable glucagon will be pivotal in artificial pancreas advancement, so we should keep our fingers crossed.

Others want technology that is more accurate, adaptable and versatile:

want more accurate meters for diabetes care

want a better way to integrate diabetes data with different technologies

Question 4

Our fourth question was "Which treatment/technology/research do you think has been the best for you?"

Our experts said that CGMs have changed the diabetes game:
continuous glucose monitors help with diabetes care

continuous glucose monitors have been the best technology advancement for diabetes

Some also said the insulin pump:
insulin pump therapy

diabetes pump helps diabetics live more normal lives

Gautam also lamented the high cost of diabetes care products including insulin and test strips, especially in India, saying, "Why is it that cigarettes are cheaper than glucostrips and drinking alcohol cheaper than managing diabetes?" Hayley sympathized with these heavy costs, saying that there has been a 300% increase in the price of Humalog since its release in 1996. As a community, we agreed that available diabetes technology needs to be more inexpensive and accessible.

Question 5

We followed by asking, "How do you optimize the use of technology to make managing diabetes easier?"

Hayley says she make it work for her life, not the other way around:
making diabetes management work for you

People agreed that using new technologies helps give them peace of mind with diabetes care:
uploading data to diabetes apps

peace of mind with cloud data for diabetes care

Question 6

We finished with this last question (excuse the typo):
which diabetes technology has been most influential?

Hayley had different answers for the different types of diabetes:
smart insulin, artificial pancreas and insulin preparations for people with type 1 and type 2 diabetes

She also said that research into the cause of diabetes is important, such as the TEDDY study. She says, "We must know the target before we can cure it."

Jewels wants consolidation with diabetes gadgets:
artificial pancreas and electronic gadgets for diabetes care

Some think the future accessibility of cheap diabetes supplies will be influential:
cheaper supplies for people with diabetes


This was a successful Twitter chat where the diabetes community was able to talk about real issues with diabetes technology. We all learned a lot from Hayley's expertise.

pleasure engaging with people for #DCDE Twitter chat about diabetes technology

diabetes technology isn't the answer. restoring pancreas function is the answer to better diabetes management

#DCDE Twitter chat by Diabetic Connect thank you

Join us for next week's Twitter chat on February 24, 2015, at 9:00 p.m. EST, #DCDE.

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