This is part of a series by George Tohme, a Registered Pharmacist. George will be sharing his expertise, experience and excerpts from his books with our community.

My name is Pharmacist George and I am thrilled to announce my collaboration with Alliance Health Networks, the parent company of Diabetic Connect. I have been a pharmacist for more than 25 years and I am on a mission to help you defeat diabetes, pre-diabetes, obesity and to break the deadly habit of smoking. The subject of obesity is very dear to my heart because I struggled with obesity for quite a long time before I defeated it.

Yes that’s right, I’ve been in many people’s shoes and walked their walk because I was obese the first 17 years of my life. I know firsthand the emotional and physical traumas of living and struggling with excess weight. But I also know the road to a permanent way out. Look at my before and after photos at

During my pharmacy career, I've interacted with and given professional guidance to tens of thousands of diabetes and other chronic disease sufferers. That combined with my own personal struggles with weight and my various fields of expertise lead me to create "Lifestyle Makeover for Diabetics and Pre-Diabetics" and many other books and seminars.

As a pharmacist, I have come to realize that many people are under the illusion they can get well just taking medications while keeping on making the same unfavorable lifestyle choices such as sitting all day, consuming fatty, sugary and salty foods, snacks and beverages and smoking - often the causes of their preventable chronic diseases in first place.

Those choices are making us magnets to multiple chronic conditions of epidemic proportions such as diabetes, pre-diabetes, obesity, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and heart disease. The numbers keep on climbing! We have to take action NOW.

So clearly, if you want better outcomes, you have got to change the choices you are making every day. Regardless of age you have the power to regain control, avoid complications, enjoy the best quality of life and expect a natural lifespan with favorable lifestyle choices and actions.

In January, you may have made a New Year's Resolution to be healthier that only lasted until the end of the month. Instead, make a new resolution today to make small favorable actions throughout the entire year and reap priceless health benefits. That’s all it takes. Small, sustained actions are the building blocks of great health. Your active participation will be integral to your success.

The main reason AHN wanted me to join their team of professionals was because we want to help you regain control of diabetes and your life. I'm excited to help address all aspects of diabetes control and provide you with the tools you need.

It is never too late to begin the beautiful journey of great health and preserve those miraculous gifts of health and life God gave us. So this year and every year, let’s refocus our resolutions and take small actions to improve the most precious thing we have: our health. Stay tuned to what is yet to come.