Whether you're shopping for people who have diabetes or making your own wish list, keep your continued good diabetes management in mind. Keep the tech gifts, the DVDs, and the household decor, but ditch the sweet treats and check out these five diabetes-friendly holiday gift ideas instead:

1. Warm clothing

Since diabetes affects circulation, the gift of warmth is always appreciated. Gloves, mittens, scarves, and hats, in addition to diabetic socks, make great presents—especially during the coldest time of the year, notes DiabeticLifestyle.

2. A day of pampering

People living with diabetes work hard to maintain their care—they deserve a day of relaxation! Try giving a gift card for a massage, since this practice has been shown to increase healthy blood flow and help reduce tension and stress. Create a beautiful basket complete with a fluffy bathrobe and diabetic lotion for a wonderful presentation.

3. The gift of fitness

Weight loss and staying in shape are important to keep diabetes symptoms in check. Gift a gym membership or a few sessions of personal training to someone who wants to increase his or her physical activity. Or, you could give an exercise machine, weights, or a bicycle so your loved one can work out at home. Check and see what the recipient has in terms of athletic gear—a gift basket with workout clothing, exercise DVDs, and sneakers is sure to be a hit.

If you have children with diabetes on your shopping list, give dance lessons, karate classes, or sporting equipment to encourage a healthy lifestyle early on.

4. Nutritious food

The holidays are often filled with rich, unhealthy foods, and they frequently turn up as gifts. Instead of filling a stocking with loads of sugary treats, explore some healthier gift options. A unique way to show you care is by signing your loved one up for a nutritious food-of-the-month club—he or she can receive fresh fruits and vegetables all year long. Try filling a decorative box with some of the recipient's favorite healthy treats. Throw in some expensive delicacies he or she might not typically purchase. Finish it off with some top-notch cooking utensils to make meal preparation a breeze. If you know the recipient is not much of a chef, try giving a gift card to his or her favorite healthy restaurant.

5. Donate in their name

This is a great option for the friend who already has everything. Instead of getting your loved one something he or she will never use, make a donation on their behalf to a diabetes research foundation. This thoughtful present is sure to be one of the best things they receive during the holiday season.

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