The New Year is a time of fresh beginnings. Living with diabetes, you have probably thought about what you can do to improve your health. There's no better time for a new, healthy start then January 1. Need help getting going? Check out these New Year's resolutions you can make to support diabetes care:

Daily goals

A good place to start when choosing New Year's resolutions is with your day-to-day activities. Small things that you do regularly can really make a big difference. Joslin Diabetes Center suggests setting daily goals to thoroughly brush and floss your teeth, check your feet for cuts or bruises, take your medication on time and check your blood sugar however many times per day your physician suggests. Make these things a priority and you may see a positive change in your health.

It's also important to pay attention to what you eat every day. Diabetic Care Services recommends overhauling your diet for the New Year to cut back on sugar and other carbohydrates and eat plenty of fresh produce and lean protein. Try making a weekly healthy eating plan each Sunday. Decide what your healthy meal menu will be for the following week and do your best to stick to it. Also make it a goal to incorporate more exercise into your lifestyle. The combination of these resolutions can help you lose weight, which will benefit your overall wellbeing.

Long-term goals

As important as it is to manage your care one day at a time, there are some overarching goals you should set as you move into the New Year. First, make it a priority to check in with your physician more often, suggests Joslin Diabetes Center. Make it a goal to see him or her about your diabetes two or more times this year, even when you feel healthy. You should also pay your dentist a visit at least twice over the next 12 months, and get your eyes checked as well.

Diabetes Care Services advises that you should make an effort to be more informed about diabetes as well. Instead of merely checking your blood sugar, try also checking health news regularly to see what new recommendations or breakthroughs have been made when it comes to diabetes treatments. It is also a great idea to get involved with an organization helping to raise money for diabetes research.

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