November is Diabetes Awareness Month. Because this disease affects so many people in the U.S., this month, organized by the American Diabetes Association, is meant to raise awareness throughout the nation while also providing resources to those who deal with it every day.

How does diabetes affect Americans?

According to the ADA, 9.3 percent of Americans have been diagnosed with diabetes. In total, this means that 29.1 million people in the U.S. deal with the illness every day. It is currently the 7th leading cause of death in the country and affects 25.9 percent of senior citizens and more than 200,000 people under the age of 20. The ADA also notes that 86 million people over the age of 20 have pre-diabetes, a number that continues to grow every year.

Daily tips from the ADA

Every day during November, the ADA is issuing tips and advice for those living with diabetes. Mondays are for fitness tips, Tuesdays will explain how to replace unhealthy food ingredients with better options, and Wednesdays offer a variety of diabetic-friendly dishes perfect for bringing to a holiday party. Thursdays, the ADA discusses ways in which getting together and cooking healthy, diabetic-friendly food can be a great group activity for you and your loved ones. Friday's focus is on diabetes facts verses fiction, as the ADA debunks myths about the disease. The weekends feature ways you can get involved with raising money to research a cure.

How you can get involved

The ADA offers a number of programs all around the country to promote this month of disease awareness. Because certain ethnicities are at a higher risk for developing the disease, the organization sponsors "Live Empowered" seminars to educate those people on ways they can lower their chances of becoming diabetic. It also offers national programs that aim to connect families who have diabetic children. Additionally, the ADA puts on outreach discussions for senior citizens, since they are one of the biggest groups of people living with the illness. Diabetes expos and fundraising events are also part of the month-long initiative to spread awareness.

You’ll find lots of great resources all month long right here on Diabetic Connect to help you take control of your diabetes, spread awareness, find support, and more. Click here to visit our special Diabetes Awareness Month page.

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