People with diabetes encounter a whole host of problems that involve everything from all the "equipment" a diabetes patient has to lug around to insensitive comments from ill-informed strangers. We searched through Twitter for some classic #DiabetesProbs tweets that illustrated some of the unique challenges of living with diabetes.


You Live and Die by Tests That You Can't Study For

@elizabart HBA1C testing day… Can be worst or best day on the calendar…

People with diabetes need to take a variety of "tests." From daily blood glucose tests that tell you where your blood sugar is in the moment to A1c tests that tell you how well your blood sugar has been controlled for the past three months, a diabetic's life can feel judged by how "good" these test results turn out. Tweet via @ElizaBart


Your Bladder Seems to Have a Mind of Its Own

@Keane_Kong Knowing by heart which gas stations int he sticks in GA don't have bathrooms #DiabetesProbs

One of the consequences of having elevated blood sugars (a common problem among people with diabetes) is needing to urinate frequently. This condition can lead to the unusual ability to remember precise details about public restrooms. Tweet via @Keane_Kong


Exercise Is Good for Diabetes (and Sometimes Not)

@ChelseyHAllen When your blood sugar just won't hold up for the last km. #diabetesprobs

Regular exercise is effective in helping people with type 1 and type 2 diabetes to have better blood sugar control. However, exercise can also lower blood sugars to dangerously low levels. So a diabetic always has to be prepared with fast-acting sugars when exercising intensely. Tweet via @ChelseyHAllen


Dumpster Diving Is Not Beneath You (when You Really Need to Know Those Nutrition Facts)

@t1dActiveLiving Started morning rummaging garbage to find carb count on cereal box. Luckily it's ripped into strips. #diabetesprobs

People with diabetes have to be particularly aware of the amount of carbohydrates in everything they eat. Such required awareness can sometimes lead to panicked sorting through the garbage to find the nutrition facts on packages that have been discarded. Tweet via @t1dActiveLiving


When It’s So Hard to Judge Which Is More Irritating: Ignorance or Insensitivity

@meg_dyer Oooomg. Security guard at the mall just saw me shooting up insulin in my car and made me prove it was insulin. #diabetesprobs

Of course, people with diabetes realize that most people don't deal with needles and injections and such every day. But when people in authority accuse you of being a drug addict or dealer, it can be infuriating. Tweet via @meg_dyer


Wearing Medical Equipment Can Get in the Way of Wearing Clothes

@Jessicatales Spending 20 mins in the morning just to find the right jeans that won't pull out your pump site #diabetesprobs

Many people with diabetes wear an insulin pump every day. Insulin pumps connect to an infusion set that is taped to the diabetic's skin (usually on the lower abdomen, thighs, or upper arm) through a small clear tube. As you can imagine, wearing a medical device attached to your body can cause clothing issues—something people without diabetes probably never thought of. Tweet via @Jessicatales


Wishing Everyone in the Food Industry Had to Count Carbs for Just One Day

@ecowen1991 The way that nutritional information is provided in restaurants (or not provided) is seriously appalling. #diabetesprobs

Eating out is a commonplace activity both for people without diabetes and people with diabetes. However, for people with diabetes finding out the number of carbohydrates in restaurant food is rarely easy or simple. Most often we end up resorting to our best educated guess—which by the way, is pretty accurate most of the time. Tweet via @ecowen1991


Experiencing Hangovers that Have Nothing to Do with Drinking

#sixuntilme Worst low hangover ever. #walkwithd #diabetesprobs

For those who take insulin or other glucose-lowering medications, the risk and reality of experiencing low-blood sugars (below 70 mg/dl) is a persistent worry. And the aftereffects of having a serious low are no fun. "Hangover" is the precisely right description. Tweet via @sixuntilme


There’s Just So Much Stuff to Haul Around

@taragreggs You know you're going on a diabetes camp when you have more medical supplies than clothes #diabetesprobs

Whether you're heading out to diabetes camp or on an overnight trip, the volume of "diabetes stuff" you have to haul with you can be ridiculous. Glucose meters, test strips, medications, lancets, glucose tabs, needles, insulin, infusion sets, pump reservoirs, alcohol swabs, IV prep, and syringes—just to name a few. Tweet via @taragreggs


Being Completely Jealous of Those Who Can Eat Whatever They Want

@Jessicatales Never again am I eating a large cinnamon raisin bagel #diabetesprobs

For those of you with working pancreases, picking up that large cinnamon-raisin bagel probably doesn't give you a second thought (at least about your blood sugars). But for people with diabetes, such a carbohydrate indulgence (as much as 72 grams!) frequently results in skyrocketing blood sugar numbers. Tweet via @Jessicatales