Glooko, maker of a mobile and cloud-based diabetes management system, released a new product that allows glucose meters to wirelessly sync data to diabetes management software.

In the past, Glooko manufactured a cable that synced all the top-brand glucose meters to their diabetes management smartphone app. But now, that clunky cable has been replaced with a wireless Bluetooth connection—a small box that plugs into a diabetic’s glucose meter and sends the information via Bluetooth to Android and Apple phones.

This innovative product is called the Glooko MeterSync Blue. Glooko will distribute this device to the health systems and payer groups it currently works with. The device allows diabetics, health professionals and payers to see near-real-time data of people with diabetes blood glucose levels.

An individual’s levels can then be fed into Glooko’s Population Tracker, a software platform that helps doctors manage diabetic populations. The tracker flags patients who are displaying risky blood glucose patterns, enabling doctors to manage all of their patients simultaneously.

Using the Glooko MeterSync Blue, patients can more seamlessly share their data with doctors between visits and allow doctors to remotely evaluate their glucose levels. The device especially helps those who are at higher risk, such as women with gestational diabetes. It can also help patients better adhere to their prescribed glucose control regimen, as they and their doctor can easily review their home glucose monitoring patterns.

And you don’t need to buy a Glooko glucose meter to use the product. “Rather than attempting to create our own wireless meter, Glooko has consulted with the major medical device companies to make the 30 most popular blood glucose meters Bluetooth enabled with a single Glooko device,” Vikram Singh, Glooko marketing director, told Mobi Health News. “This go-to-market strategy is a huge differentiator compared to wireless meter manufacturers – Glooko is compatible with the tens of millions of meters already being deployed and insured worldwide. This means we provide remote monitoring capabilities in the scale of tens of thousands within months, not years.”

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Photo Source: Med Gadget