Great news: JDRF, the leading organization funding type 1 diabetes research, and Tidepool, a non-profit organization engaged in reducing the burden of type 1 diabetes, are partnering to create a software platform to make it significantly easier to upload, view, share, and analyze data from any diabetes device.

Instead of patients being locked into using the proprietary software from each device manufacturer, this new cloud-based data software offers an easy way for diabetics to upload all their diabetes data and share with healthcare providers and others. This will create better monitoring of glucose levels and lessen the hassle for people with type 1 diabetes. JDRF and Tidepool ensure the cloud platform will be safe, convenient, and reliable.

“We are excited about the potential for this real-time accessible information which will bring us one step closer to JDRF's goal to progressively remove the burden of T1D from all of our lives," Derek Rapp, president and CEO of JDRF said in the official press release on the JDRF website.

JDRF will fund Tidepool’s development of a tool called “Universal Device Uploader,” which can be downloaded for free by users and can connect to insulin pumps and CGMs (continuous glucose monitors). The uploader will upload the data from these devices onto the open Tidepool Platform that then can be accessed by the diabetic and his/her healthcare providers. JDRF granted Tidepool $475,000 to develop the uploader within a year.

Howard Look, CEO and president of Tidepool recognizes the groundbreaking implication of the new technology. "Over the longer term, this signals a new era of data being liberated from diabetes devices. This will enable a new wave of software that is easier to use, enables greater engagement, more effective therapy and new types of research that were not possible before."

Tidepool has already partnered with Insulet, makers of the OmniPod insulin pump, to enable OmniPod users to upload their insulin pump and glucose meter data onto Tidepool’s cloud platform. The users are able to access this information from any computer device, allowing them to better control their diabetes.

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