Diabetes is called a lot of things, some of which I cannot repeat.

But some things we call it is:
A life sentence
A thorn in our side
A death sentence
A cramp in our style
A complete change in lifestyle
A door to depression
An invitation to complications
And many, many more

In all the seriousness of this disease, and I don't have to remind you of those, we need to keep our sense of humor and enjoy life along the way.

Sometimes when the "diabetes police" swoop in, you just have to laugh at their ignorance and move on. You can offer them a white bread badge and a spaghetti baton. Then eat what you know your body can handle.

When the "negative Nancy" tells you about all her diabetic friends who have lost limbs or eye sight. You can tell them that they know what causes that. Whip out your meter and show them your last number. Tight blood glucose control will help you prevent those side effects. Let them know you don't plan to become one of the statistics.

When the "desert pusher" comes at you with the typical "one little bite won't hurt" as they shove a 3 serving size brownie in your face. You can scare them back with the calorie count or fat content of the goodie they are pawing. Or you can just tell them you are already full.

What I am trying to say is that those people are around us every day and we can choose how we deal with them. We can get upset with hurt feelings and huff off, feeling defeated.
Or we can laugh inside at the foolishness of them and their offering of advice on something they know very little about and choose to educate them in some little way, and feel good as we are victorious over the "offender".

I pretty much try to just turn it into a light heated situation. Not so much for them, but for myself. It lets me know that I have won in the situation.

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