So many of us before we were diagnosed thought of exercise as the thing that you think of doing, but just never seemed to find the time. Now, after diagnosis, we are constantly trying to find ways to add exercise to our schedule or ways to make it more challenging to work better for our goals.

The thing that I learned as to why exercise is so important is that because when we are exercising our bodies do not require insulin to get the sugars out of our blood stream and into our muscles and cells where it needs to be. This is often why after exercise our levels tend to drop.

This is the gold ticket quite often that we kind of put off or delay. We should really use this tool to our benefit. Here are some things that I have done to get myself more active.

  1. Build up to an exercise goal. Start with just 5 min a day for 3-4 days a week if you have to. Build it up to about 45 min 3-4 times a week. Talk to your doctor and work on a plan together.

  2. Choose an exercise that you enjoy. You are more likely to do it.

  3. Change things up or change scenery. If you walk, go to a new park. If you to exercise at home, maybe try a new DVD or routine.

  4. Don't let physical limitations stop you. There are so many things you can do, the thing is to just get moving. Even a little makes a big difference.

  5. Test before you exercise. If you are above 300 or below 100 you need to adjust your levels before going out.

  6. Take a friend, take your cell phone, take your emergency packet, and be ready for the unexpected.

  7. Most of all, have fun. If it's not fun, you won't do it. Keep it fun, and keep it going.

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