When it comes to diabetes, two brains may be better than one. A study showed learning about diabetes in groups was more effective than learning about it in individual counseling.

The study

For the study, people with diabetes attended a self-management education program in Ontario, Canada. They went to either group classes, individual counseling, or a mixture of both. For a year afterward, their quality of diabetes care was monitored.

The results, published in the Canadian Journal of Public Health, highlighted that those who attended group classes were less likely to go to the emergency room for hypoglycemia or hyperglycemia compared to those who went to individual sessions.

The group-trained participants were also more likely to have adequate HbA1c testing and lipid testing, and were more likely to receive statins. What's more, they had fewer ulcers and cellulitis, which are tied to diabetes due to the disease's effect on reduced skin sensation.

All in all, group self-management education was linked with fewer acute complications.

If you are interested in learning more about diabetes, insulin, or diabetes treatment, attend a group class on the subject. Bring a friend or family member along too!

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