Summer is a great time for family vacations, cookouts, and many other fun activities that make this time of year one of the busiest for most people. Because of all those activities any kind of routine tends to go out the window. It is much easier to maintain good diabetes control when there is a routine that your body is used to. When you throw that routine off, it can be hard to keep up with changes in blood sugar that often come from not being able to anticipate how the body will react to both food and activities that aren’t usually a part of the regular routine.

There are however some things that can be done to help keep blood sugar highs and lows to a minimum while still being able to enjoy all the joys of summertime. Don’t let your diabetes stop you from enjoying the things you love or from spending time with those you love.

• Since you can’t always stick to your normal routine do the best you can keep your meals regular. This will help your body keep up the energy to enjoy any physical activities.

• Try not to skip meals and keep snacks handy in order to avoid unwanted lows.

When planning your activities it may be a good idea to plan in meals. That way you will know when your next meal will be and what you will be eating.

• If you are eating food that is not normally part of your diet make sure to count carbs accurately so that you can dose correctly for what you do eat.

• Keep a glucose meter handy and check often to make sure your blood sugar remains stable.

By taking a few precautions you may be able to avoid a diabetic emergency that would be sure to ruin any activity. Plan ahead and remember to take care of your health so that you can enjoy all of the planned chaos this summer.

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