Exercise is important to our overall health, especially if you have diabetes. Yet, just the thought of having to exercise can give some people angst.

This is because sometimes the vision of what exercise is "supposed" to look like — spandex, sprinting, sweat, pain, or whatever infomercial you conjure up — can be very scary in our minds. The truth, though, is that when it comes to exercise, research shows people who take part in an activity they enjoy, are more likely to stick with their workout routine over a long period of time.

So, what's your "exercise personality?" This article includes a quiz to help you decide the exercise that best fits your interests and personality.

Remember: Our perception of an event can be our biggest enemy to trying to do it. I see a treadmill in my head, and that is not my favorite type of workout at all. I find this type of workout repetitive and boring. I like to be outdoors walking or hiking. By the time I finish my two miles, I forgot how hard I was working because I am distracted by the beauty around me. You have your own unique exercise personality, and once you tap into it, off you go!