It’s with great excitement that we announce Diabetic Connect is undergoing a major transformation, and on January 10th will officially become UpwellBeing.

There are hundreds of sites out there offering information about medical conditions and health and wellness. Some are excellent, some are not. To make finding the right content simple and enjoyable, UpwellBeing’s editors scour the web in search of the best and most trustworthy sources for content on the most common chronic conditions. No more reading on Diabetic Connect and having to toggle back and forth to one of our other sites—it will all be under one place with a more intuitive design.

Because of people like you, Diabetic Connect has been a vibrant place for support in people’s darkest times, but also a place for celebration when victories are achieved and milestones are reached. We hope to see all of you continue with us at UpwellBeing, where we’re furthering the discussion about managing your health for a happier life.


The Diabetic Connect Team


Where does my content go?

We’re archiving all content, which means it will no longer be available online as of January 10th. We recommend downloading recipes, screenshotting discussions, and getting your friends’ contact information before January 10th.

If you are having trouble navigating the download of content, please contact someone from our team at

What if I only want to follow one condition?

We understand that some people only want news about one condition, which is why UpwellBeing will offer social media pages dedicated to specific conditions. Follow UpwellBeing’s main page and you’ll be notified when new condition pages are added.