Living with diabetes changes a lot — even the story of your life. Standing up and fighting back against diabetes shapes your future, and you learn many things along the way. Those experiences and lessons, no matter the size, have helped you manage your disease and got you where you are today.

Everyone has a story to tell and Diabetic Connect wants to help tell your story. You may have noticed our newest section that we've called “Voices of Diabetes” where we're sharing the stories of members of Diabetic Connect. We’re looking for those who have faced the challenges of diabetes and came out on the other side stronger and healthier.

Even your smallest victories can inspire others who are struggling. By helping them realize that they are not alone in this battle, your story can encourage them to strive for a healthier life and make changes that can impact the way they manage diabetes. Maybe you haven’t gotten control over diabetes yet, but you’ve made steps in the right direction. Something that may seem small to you could be monumental to someone else facing a similar challenge.

Let us tell your story, whether you found that changing your eating habits gave you better control over your glucose levels, or that exercising helped you build confidence in becoming an overall healthier individual. We want it all. Let us help in sharing your story with others in our community.

If you would like to share your story with the community at Diabetic Connect, the first step is to please contact us at