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How to Help Your Child Adjust to Type 1 Diabetes

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Type 1 diabetes is tough, but there are some helpful things that can smooth over the rough edges for the children who shoulder it every day.

Type 2 Diabetes May Be Reversed Without Surgery

By Kent Peterson No Comments

The benefits of intensive diabetes care might be greater than we thought. Here's what recent research reveals.

Pancreas Wars: The Insulin Awakens

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You think Star Wars is all about the light side versus the dark side, good versus evil, green lightsabers versus red lightsabers, but maybe it was really about diabetes all along.

A Work Health Program Could Help You

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What if you could practice some of your health mindfulness and care while working instead of trying to fit it all in after hours?

What You Need Before You Leave: A Diabetes Supplies Checklist

By Danielle Cronquist 1 Comment

Print out this diabetes supplies reminder list and do a quick check each time you leave the house so you never leave unprepared.

Can a Glass of Wine Help Control Blood Sugar?

By Danielle Cronquist 3 Comments

Research published in the Annals of Internal Medicine will help you sip guilt free, because a glass of wine might actually be helping you control your blood sugar.

Isometric Exercises for People With Diabetes

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Isometric exercise is a great way to help people with diabetes stay active.

Celebrities Have Diabetes, Too

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Bret Michaels, Tom Hanks, Paula Deen, and Halle Berry all have type 1 or type 2 diabetes.

Newly Diagnosed? Here’s What You Need to Buy.

By Danielle Cronquist 1 Comment

Those who have been newly diagnosed with type 2 diabetes should look at buying these supplies.

Halloween Candy Alternatives

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Keep you and your neighborhood healthy by passing out one of these candy alternatives to trick-or-treaters.

Could Antibiotic Overuse Lead to Type 2 Diabetes?

By Victoria Candland No Comments

Research suggests a strong connection between using antibiotics and type 2 diabetes risk.

How to Build Your Support Team for Type 2 Diabetes

By Victoria Candland No Comments

Here's who should be in your support team as a person living with type 2 diabetes.

Change Your Habits, Change Your Life

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Take control of your type 2 diabetes by incorporating these three tips into your daily life.

Understanding Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes: Part 1

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Check out the differences and similarities between type 1 and type 2 diabetes.

If You Have Gout, You May Be at Greater Risk for Developing Diabetes

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Those living with gout, especially women, may have an increased risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

Are You More at Risk for Diabetes Because of Where You Live?

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Neighborhoods with more resources to stay physically active may decrease diabetes risk.