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What an Insulin Pump Is...and Is Not

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To be clear, an insulin pump is NOT an artificial pancreas or a cure for diabetes.

An Insulin Pump Helps You Live Life on Your Terms

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The advantages of pumping far outweigh the inconveniences.

An Insulin Pump vs. Insulin Shots

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A pump offers freedom from the hassle of relying on insulin shots.

The Benefits of an Insulin Pump

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Today, we have the choice of using new technology that does away with the daily regimen of shots. 

The Pros and Cons of Living with an Insulin Pump

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If you take multiple shots of insulin every day, an insulin pump is a great tool to consider.

Save Money on Diabetes Medications With Patient Assistance Programs

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Save money on diabetes medications with patient assistance programs.

Get Diabetes Meds for Less With Help Directly from Drugmakers

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Many pharmaceutical companies offer their own savings programs or discounts on particular products.

Pay Less for Diabetes Meds With Discount Drug Card Programs

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Discount drug card programs are a great resource that offer free or low-cost prescription drugs to those who qualify.

Shop Discount Stores to Get Diabetes Supplies for Less

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You can get your diabetes supplies for amazing prices at your local Wal-Mart.

How to Use Medicare to Pay for Diabetes Costs

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If you have Medicare, you may not realize how much of your diabetes medications and supplies are actually covered.

Diabetes Help: Paying for Diabetes

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Do you need help paying for your diabetes supplies? Here are our top five money-saving tips.

Pros and Cons of Symlin, an Insulin Supplement

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Learn about Symlin, an additional glucose-lowering drug prescribed mainly to type 1 diabetics already taking insulin.

How to Keep Your Insulin Safe

By Amy Tenderich 3 Comments

Do you know how to properly care for your insulin?

Understanding Long-Acting vs. Fast-Acting Insulin

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People without diabetes have a fully automatic system controlling insulin output. We people with diabetes have more of a “manual transmission.”

Why Insulin's "Bad Rap" is Undeserved

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Unfortunately, insulin has a bad rap. The very mention of it evokes fear and loathing in many people.

All You Need to Know about Insulin

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A diagnosis of diabetes is no longer a death sentence — due mostly to that healing elixir that mimics a natural substance in our bodies known as insulin.