Diabetes Relationships Articles

Chronic Communication: Get Clarification Before You React

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One way to communicate more clearly is by using the paraphrase technique.

Chronic Communication: Tips for Dealing with Anger

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Learn how to deal with the anger you feel to move forward and better your relationships.

Chronic Communication: Finding Middle Ground

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How are you and your partner feeling about your treatment?

Tips for Dealing with an Unsupportive Family

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Here are Dr. Gary's tips for handling family troubles.

Chronic Communication: Breaking Out of Common Family Dramas

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Shake up your family routine to find peace in your home.

Chronic Communication: Focusing on Simple Joys

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Being conscious of life’s daily pleasures—even when you have to give yourself a push to be conscious of them—can take you a long way toward feeling happier.

Chronic Communication: Accepting Help from Others

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Learn how to handle a change in the household chore routine because of chronic illness.

Chronic Communication: Encourage Your Family to Share Their Feelings

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Here's how to spark better communication that can strengthen family ties despite the challenges.

Doctor Discussion Guide: Better Doc Talk Starts Here

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The first step to getting appropriate treatment is to visit a doctor or diabetes specialist. This guide can help make that visit more meaningful and productive

Intimacy — Tip 5: If You Wear an Insulin Pump

By Amy Tenderich 1 Comment

One of the biggest issues about wearing a small machine attached to your body is, of course, intimacy. 

Intimacy — Tip 4: It Happens to Women, Too

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Diabetes-related sexual troubles plague an enormous number of people with all types of diabetes, including plenty of women. 

Intimacy — Tip 3: For Men, ED Is Out of the Closet

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Once an area reserved for older men who had diabetes for years, sexual problems with diabetes have “come out of the closet” of late.

Intimacy — Tip 2: Start the Relationship on the Right Note

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If you’re in the dating phase, it’s important to set the right tone on the way you want your diabetes to be handled. Learn how to do this at Diabetic Connect.

Intimacy — Tip 1: Communicate, Communicate, Communicate!

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With sex and diabetes, it's important to communicate with your partner. Learn how to communicate about sex and diabetes at Diabetic Connect.

Diabetes and Sex: What to Know

By Amy Tenderich 2 Comments

No matter how independent you are about managing your diabetes, when it comes to intimacy, there’s going to be someone else involved!