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Coping With Chronic Illness at Home: Dr. Gary’s Best Advice

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Here are Dr. Gary’s helpful insights about 10 common emotional challenges you and your loved ones may face.

Chronic Communication at Home: What Happens When You Rehearse a Conversation

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Need to discuss a sensitive subject? Dr. Gary tells how to avoid the trap of thinking you know what your partner will say.

Community Perspective: The Diabetes Online Community

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A great community to become a part of is the diabetes online community, a group of people on Twitter who use #doc to connect with each other.

Chronic Communication at Home: Texting? How About Talking?

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Learn how texting can lead to misunderstandings about sensitive topics like your health and your relationship.

Community Perspective: Communicating About Chronic Illness at Home

By Danielle Cronquist 1 Comment

For this week’s community discussion, we welcomed Dr. Gary McClain, PhD, therapist, author, and patient advocate, to chat with members of the diabetes community about communicating about chronic illness at home.

Chronic Communication at Home: It’s So Easy to Place Blame

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Dr. Gary explains how you can avoid the blame game and strengthen your relationship with your partner.

If You Ignore Your Diabetes, You’re Hurting Others Too

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Ignoring your diabetes can lead to many complications down the road, but the effects on your loved ones may be even greater.

Chronic Communication at Home: Talking to Your Kids About Money

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When health costs lead to money woes, your children may worry about the family’s security. Here’s how to calm their fears.

When Anger Turns Into Abuse

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If chronic illness is straining your relationship, learn to recognize the warning signs of abuse and take steps to protect yourself.

Community Perspective: Diabetes and Stigma

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The stigma associated with diabetes is discussed.

Chronic Communication at Home: I Was Just Waiting for You to Say That!

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Does your partner say certain words that always get your goat? Dr. Gary names eight ways to avoid arguments and strengthen your relationship instead.

Chronic Communication at Home: Date Night, Family Night

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Don’t let chronic illness put family fun on the back burner. Dr. Gary explains why having fun together is so important—and gives you tips to help the good times roll.

Community Perspective: Finding Your Diabetes Community

By Danielle Cronquist 1 Comment

This week we were joined by Christel Aprigliano, founder of the Diabetes UnConference and diabetes blogger, to explain how you can create a real-life diabetes community.

Community Perspective: Sexual Health and Diabetes

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There are many ways you can still enjoy good sexual health despite diabetes. Communication with your partner is key.

Chronic Communication at Home: Recovering After a Blowup

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Dr. Gary's tips can help you heal your relationship from the wounds left by an argument.

Has Diabetes Entered Your Bedroom?

By Janis Roszler, LMFT, RD, LD/N, CDE, FAND No Comments

If diabetes has brought sexual problems that affect your relationship, learn about options that can help you restore satisfying intimacy.