Diabetes Nutrition Articles

Treating High Cholesterol: A Heart-Healthy Diet

By Susan B. Sloane, BS, RPh, CDE No Comments

Plant-based foods, vegetables, fruits and whole grains, are part of a heart healthy diet, because these foods are rich in phytosterols.

Treating High Cholesterol: Statins and a Great Non-Prescription Option

By Susan B. Sloane, BS, RPh, CDE 3 Comments

While high cholesterol is a common issue among people with diabetes, treatment options vary tremendously.

Is Diet Soda OK for People With Diabetes?

By Susan Sloane 15 Comments

“I’ll have a burger and a diet cola, please!” No matter where we eat out these days, from fast food to fine dining, you hear this order a lot.

Why You Should Avoid High Fructose Corn Syrup

By Susan B. Sloane, BS, RPh, CDE 2 Comments

Fructose has been painted as the villain in most every article dealing with obesity. What gives fructose such a bad reputation?

Acidophilus, Probiotics, and the Diabetic Diet

By Susan Sloane 1 Comment

What exactly do probiotics do, and how do you know if you actually need to take them?

Diabetes and Beer: 4 Tips for Your Night Out

By C. Cason, guest author from informationaboutdiabetes.com 14 Comments

Can you drink beer? Sure! But be sure to follow these four rules.

It’s Not Just What You Eat. It's How You Eat It.

By Susan B. Sloane, BS, RPh, CDE 3 Comments

Could certain combinations of foods give your health a boost? CDE Susan Sloane gives us the dish on her favorite food combinations.

Calcium: Getting the Right Amount

By Susan Sloane No Comments

Many factors are involved in how much calcium is right for you. 

9 Healthy Eating Tips from a CDE

By Susan B. Sloane, BS, RPh, CDE 1 Comment

The nation is obsessed with nutrition these days. 

Holiday Tip 1: Manage Your Hunger and Prioritize Your Treats

By Amy Tenderich No Comments

This year, beat the holiday binge for good.

Getting to Know the Glycemic Index, Its Benefits, and Its Limitations

By Amy Tenderich 1 Comment

While it’s true that most of our commonly eaten carb foods have similar effects on your BG, some do have advantages over others.