Diabetes Heart Disease Articles

Do Automated External Defibrillators Really Save Lives?

By Kent Peterson No Comments

Here's what happens when inexperienced bystanders use this powerful medical tool in a crisis.

FDA Warns People With Heart Disease About Antibiotic

By U.S. Food and Drug Administration No Comments

Here's important information for those who are prescribed clarithromycin (also sold under the brand name Biaxin).

Why Some Women's Heart Attacks Go Undiagnosed

By Kent Peterson No Comments

Here's what you must know about gender differences in the way heart attack symptoms are treated.

This Change in Treating Strokes Could Save Your Life

By Kent Peterson No Comments

New guidelines may dramatically reduce the worst consequences of stroke in many cases.

Loneliness Linked to Health Risks: Finding Support for Better Heart Health

By Danielle Cronquist No Comments

People who are isolated or feel lonely have a significantly higher heart disease risk, but it isn't too late to get support and possibly lower your risk.

Should You Just Say No to Clot-Busting Drugs?

By Kent Peterson No Comments

If you have a blood clot in your leg, other treatments may be preferable.

Find Irregular Heart Rhythms With Your Apple Watch

By Kent Peterson No Comments

Apple’s new study invites you to get a free app that watches for atrial fibrillation.

A Breakthrough Toward Replacing Dead Heart Tissue

By Kent Peterson No Comments

A newly developed “heart patch” may help crippled hearts beat strongly again.

New High Blood Pressure Guidelines: What You Must Know

By Kent Peterson 1 Comment

The high blood pressure number that doubles your heart risk is lower than experts had thought.

Do You Really Need a Stent?

By Kent Peterson No Comments

Surprising findings suggest stents may not help many people who get them.

Common Painkillers May Raise Your Heart Attack Risk

By Kent Peterson No Comments

Here’s what you should know about pills that are probably in your medicine cabinet now.

A Better Way to Lower Your Heart Risks?

By Kent Peterson No Comments

Two heart-healthy measures may work better together than either one does alone.

Heart Pump May Restore Heart Health

By Kent Peterson No Comments

Groundbreaking research finds that severe heart failure may sometimes be reversed—eliminating the need for a transplant.

Painkiller Choices With Kidney or Heart Problems

By Consumer Reports 2 Comments

What to do if you have kidney disease or heart problems.

Imaging Stress Tests: When you need them for your heart—and when you don’t

By Consumer Reports No Comments

Explore the pros and cons of getting imaging stress tests for your heart.

4 Things You're Already Doing to Help Your Heart

By Diabetic Connect StaffA No Comments

Even if you may not have the most heart-healthy lifestyle, there are probably still small things you're doing to improve your heart health.