Diabetes Getting Started Articles

Finding Healthful, Diabetes-Friendly Recipes

By Amy Campbell No Comments

Diabetic dining has fewer limits than you may think.

Your Ultimate Guide to Grass-Fed Beef

By Tom Betar No Comments

There are many benefits to grass-fed beef. While many people assume it doesn’t matter what a cow eats, a cow’s diet can alter the nutrition value of your beef.

Community Perspective: Alternative Eating for Diabetes

By Danielle Cronquist No Comments

There are a lot of diet ideas and plans out there for people with diabetes, but it’s not one size fits all. You have to find or create an eating plan that works for you.

Dealing With Misinformation About Diabetes

By Kate Cornell 1 Comment

Here’s how to handle uninformed people who try to tell you how to manage your diabetes—plus the truth about some common diabetes myths.

Community Perspective: Glycemic Index and Making Nutritious Decisions

By Danielle Cronquist No Comments

This week, members of our diabetes community were joined Jennifer Smith, RD and CDE, to discuss how to use glycemic index to make decisions about diabetes nutrition.

Community Perspective: Taking a Scientific Approach to Blood Sugar Numbers

By Danielle Cronquist No Comments

Each week members of our diabetes community gather in a Twitter chat to encourage and educate on a specific topic.

A Nutritional Biochemist Gives You His Top Diabetes Tips

By Dylan MacKay, PhD 6 Comments

Special guest Dylan MacKay, PhD, shares his top three tips to help manage your blood glucose.

Meal Prep 101

By Jewels Doskicz, RN No Comments

RN and PWD Jewels Doskicz shares her tips on how to begin meal prepping for better health.

Why You Should Be Eating Fruit

By Amy Campbell MS, RD, CDE No Comments

CDE Amy Campbell shares why fruit is beneficial, and she also offers quick tips about how to fit fruit into your meal plan.

5 Lifestyle Changes for Healthy Cholesterol Levels

By Diabetic Connect StaffA No Comments

While there are some high cholesterol risk factors that you can't change, like your family history or your age, there are plenty of lifestyle changes you can make to achieve or maintain healthy cholesterol levels.

5 Ways to Fit Exercise Into Your Already Busy Life

By Jeanette Terry No Comments

These five exercise tips will allow you to get the benefits of exercise with the few minutes you have to spare every day.

How to Eat Better When You Don’t Know Where to Start

By Jeanette Terry 1 Comment

Changing your eating habits is no easy feat. Here's how to get started.

Isometric Exercises for People With Diabetes

By Diabetic Connect StaffA No Comments

Isometric exercise is a great way to help people with diabetes stay active.

Community Perspective: How Can I Stay Healthy Over the Holidays?

By Danielle Cronquist No Comments

This week in our community discussion with type 1s, type 2s, and diabetes advocates, we discussed how to navigate mindful eating during the holidays.

A Week of Diabetes-Friendly Recipes + Your Grocery List!

By Diabetic Connect StaffA 2 Comments

Planning healthy dinners is difficult. Take the guesswork out of your next meal by using our shopping list and these five diabetes-friendly recipes.

5 Tips for Maintaining Good Blood Sugars During Exercise

By Jewels Doskicz, RN 2 Comments

These five tips from PWD and RN Jewels Doskicz can help you maintain good blood sugars during exercise.