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The Numbers You Need to Know During Your Pregnancy

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Here's how to manage your blood sugar while pregnant with diabetes.

4 Healthy Pregnancy Tips for Women With Diabetes

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Carrying a baby while also managing diabetes represents an entirely new set of challenges for an expectant mother.

Could Having a Boy Raise Your Risk for Gestational Diabetes?

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Turns out baby gender has a lot to do with gestational diabetes and a woman's risk of later developing type 2 diabetes. Learn more at Diabetic Connect.

Diabetes and Pregnancy: Why Nutrition Is So Important

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Things to look out for during your diabetic pregnancy and how to stay on top of your nutrition.

Preventing Type 2 Diabetes in Women Who Had Gestational Diabetes

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A new study compares lifestyle intervention and metformin in preventing type 2 diabetes in women who had GDM

Living a Healthy Lifestyle May Lower Gestational Diabetes Risk

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Learn the three biggest factors that go into a woman's risk for gestational diabetes.

Gestational Diabetes Linked to Heart Disease

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New research now shows that two to 10 percent of women who had gestational diabetes may also be at a higher risk of developing heart disease in later years.

4 Tips For Dealing with Diabetes When You're Pregnant

By Jewels Doskicz, R.N. 6 Comments

Pregnancy with type 1 diabetes means 40 weeks of lurking potentials. Learn how to cope with the worry of pregnancy and type 1 diabetes at Diabetic Connect.

Conquer Obesity to Avoid Gestational Diabetes

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Obesity increases risks for gestational diabetes and for having babies of a higher birth weight.