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Syringe, Pen, Pump...or Something Else?

By Diabetic Connect StaffA 3 Comments

There are many different types of insulin, and ways to deliver it to your body. Here's how to find the insulin routine that works for you.

Technology to Help Diabetes Control: Continuous Glucose Monitors (CGM)

By Susan Sloane, CDE, R.Ph. 4 Comments

A continuous glucose monitoring system, or CGM, is part of the new “cutting edge” treatment options for patients with diabetes.

What Your Meter Tells You About What You’re Eating

By sloane 9 Comments

How is your diabetes control? When I ask many of my patients, they respond, “Good,” then, add with some hesitation, “I think!”

5 Awesome Insulin Pump Features

By Amy Tenderich 1 Comment

What really sets pumping apart from injection therapy are the features that allow you to fine-tune your insulin dosing.

What an Insulin Pump Is...and Is Not

By Amy Tenderich No Comments

To be clear, an insulin pump is NOT an artificial pancreas or a cure for diabetes.

An Insulin Pump Helps You Live Life on Your Terms

By Amy Tenderich No Comments

The advantages of pumping far outweigh the inconveniences.

An Insulin Pump vs. Insulin Shots

By Amy Tenderich No Comments

A pump offers freedom from the hassle of relying on insulin shots.

The Benefits of an Insulin Pump

By Amy Tenderich No Comments

Today, we have the choice of using new technology that does away with the daily regimen of shots. 

The Pros and Cons of Living with an Insulin Pump

By Amy Tenderich No Comments

If you take multiple shots of insulin every day, an insulin pump is a great tool to consider.