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#Psychoglycemia: Coping Strategies When Your Blood Sugars Make You Feel Crazy

By Beverly S. Adler, PhD, CDE 1 Comment

Clinical psychologist and CDE Dr. Bev explains "psychoglycemia."

Feeling Normal: When Was the Last Time You Felt Exposed?

By Dr GaryCA No Comments

Does diabetes sometimes make it hard to appear as normal as you'd like? If this leaves you feeling exposed and self-conscious, Dr. Gary's tips can help.

Talking to Your Doctor: When Your Doctor Makes an Error

By Dr GaryCA No Comments

Speaking up about a medical mistake doesn't have to be difficult. Dr. Gary has tips to help you know what to say and how to say it.

Community Perspective: Self-Evaluation

By Tom Betar No Comments

Self-evaluation isn’t always the easiest thing to do. For our weekly Q&A, using the hashtag #DCDE, we aimed to identify some of the best practices of self-evaluation and discussed how looking inward can lead to…

Just Diagnosed: What Does It Mean to Be an Advocate?

By Dr GaryCA 2 Comments

Dr. Gary has proven tips to help you learn how to look out for yourself and become your own best advocate as you deal with diabetes.

Community Perspective: Coping with Diabetes Complications

By Danielle Cronquist No Comments

There is a lot more to diabetes than just a malfunctioning pancreas. With diabetes, you run the risk of developing complications in what seems like almost every part of the body.

So … Time to Break That Bad Habit?

By Dr GaryCA No Comments

Learn why we develop bad habits and why they seem so hard to change ... then see proven tips that can help you banish your bad habits for good.

The Invisible Elephant—A Project on Diabetes Complications

By Marina Tsaplina No Comments

THE BETES Organization is working to collect stories and experiences from people with diabetes to share with others.

Chronic Communication at Work: 9 Tips to Make the Most of Your Annual Review

By Dr GaryCA No Comments

There's no need to dread this yearly ritual. Dr. Gary has tips on how to showcase your strengths and deal with questions about your health.

5 Steps to Embracing an Imperfect Life with Diabetes

By Lana Barhum No Comments

Choosing to embrace an imperfect life can help you face challenges and lead a happy, meaningful, and fulfilled life.

Community Perspective: Changing Your Relationship With Diabetes

By Danielle Cronquist No Comments

For our weekly community discussion, Daniele Hargenrader, founder of the website Diabetes Dominator, talked about how you can positively change your relationship with diabetes.

5 Tips to Restore Your Self-Confidence

By Dr GaryCA No Comments

Learn to understand how diabetes can affect self-confidence, and see tips to help you become more confident.

Chronic Communication at Home: Is It the Message or the Delivery?

By Diabetic Connect StaffA No Comments

Good communication is about more than words. It's about the way we say them. Dr. Gary has tips to help you improve communication and avoid hurt feelings.

How to Stop Holiday Dread from Spoiling the Season

By Dr GaryCA 1 Comment

Dr. Gary has tips to stop holiday dread from spoiling the joys of the season.

Twenty Years From Now, What Will Be Important?

By Dr GaryCA 1 Comment

Dr. Gary shares tips to help you learn to keep things in perspective by looking at the bigger picture.

Community Perspective: Using the Diabetes Online Community for Positive Change

By Danielle Cronquist 1 Comment

In this weeks community discussion, we addressed the importance of community advocacy and key actions that need to be taken.