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Your Treatment: So . . . Plan A Didn’t Work. Now What?

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Don't give up! Dr. Gary tells what to do if your recommended diabetes treatments haven't helped.

Chronic Communication at Home: The Gift of Listening

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Paying better attention to your partner’s words can strengthen the bonds between you. Dr. Gary shows you how.

Chronic Communication at Home: Keep the Air Clear

By Dr GaryCA 1 Comment

Dr. Gary shows couples how to defuse triggers that lead to emotional outbursts.

Community Perspective: Your Bucket List and Diabetes

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Don't let diabetes stop you from checking off items on your bucket list.

Feeling Normal: We Don’t Unlock Self-Esteem, We Create It

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Dr. Gary has six steps you can take to feel better about yourself.

Just Diagnosed: Nurturing Patience During Your First Year

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Dr. Gary explains how to avoid stressing out when progress doesn’t come as quickly as you’d like.

Community Perspective: It’s Okay to Put Off the Silver Lining

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Dr. Gary McClain, therapist, author, and chronic illness patient advocate, joined this week’s Community Perspective to explain that it’s okay to feel your positive and negative emotions.

Feeling Normal: Anxious? Use it Well!

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There are better things to do with your anxiety than wish it would disappear. Dr. Gary's tips teach you how to put it to good use.

Talking to Your Doctor: Yikes! I’m Losing My Doctor!

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Dr. Gary's tips can help you find a new physician you'll be happy with.

Balance: The Power of Logic, the Power of Emotions

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Good things happen when your head and your heart learn to work together. Dr. Gary shows you how to get the best from both.

Community Perspective: Motivation to Manage Diabetes

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Diabetes burnout is real and can really get in the way of your diabetes management. During this week’s community Q&A, we discussed how to find diabetes management motivation. Kelly Close, editor-in-chief and founder at

Talking to Your Doctor: Is It Really Love?

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Sometimes good chemistry with your physician can interfere with your care. Dr. Gary tells how to have a doctor-patient relationship that helps you stay healthy.

A Breakthrough in Therapy! What Does That Really Mean?

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Dr. Gary explains how how to recognize your breakthroughs—and work toward new ones.

Stop It With the Silver Lining, Already!

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Dr. Gary discusses the pressure to be positive.

Are Emotions Leading You Around by the Nose?

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Don’t let your feelings lead to actions you’ll later regret. Dr. Gary's tips can help you avoid this common trap.

Just Diagnosed: Getting Your Emotions Through the First Year

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Dr. Gary has tips to help you make peace with difficult feelings that may come with your diagnosis.