Diabetes Emotions Articles

Newly Diagnosed — Tip 1: Understand Your Diagnosis

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Diabetes does not have to ruin your life. You will be OK.

Mental Game Tip 3: Try Relaxation Techniques

By Amy Tenderich 1 Comment

Relaxation can help you deal with your "everyday frustrations" of diabetes.

Mental Game Tip 2: Get Screened for Serious Distress

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Negative feelings and a sense of being overwhelmed are incredibly common among people with diabetes.

Mental Game Tip 1: Be a Problem-Solver

By abbeysue 1 Comment

Taking care of yourself with diabetes is indeed a “mental game,” requiring you to learn to function comfortably on a number of levels.

Holiday Tip 5: Beat Stress Before It Beats You

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Stress and depression are extremely common during the holiday season.

Holiday Tip 4: Stay Positive with the "Diabetes Police"

By Amy Tenderich 1 Comment

It’s not at all uncommon for friends, family members, or even strangers who know you have diabetes to ask: "Should you be eating that?"