Diabetes Emotions Articles

7 Ways to Cope With Financial Stress

By Dr GaryCA 1 Comment

Stop thinking about your finances? Fat chance of that. But you can do a few things to manage the stress that financial concerns can cause.

5 Tips to Manage Diabetes Burnout

By Dr GaryCA 4 Comments

Advice from Dr. Gary on what to do when your diabetic self-care feels like too much.

10 Tips to Fight Diabetes Burnout

By Martine Ehrenclou, M.A. 3 Comments

If you’re a patient with diabetes, management of your symptoms might feel like a stressful job — one that you didn’t sign up for. You might be experiencing patient burnout.

Dr. Gary's Tips for Relaxation and Happiness

By Dr GaryCA 1 Comment

It's easy to focus on the negative. So, how about creating some light on the horizon? Here’s a mindfulness technique to bring some light into your life.

7 Tips to Keep Regret and Disappointment in Check

By Gary McClain No Comments

Disappointment? Regret? Diabetes can bring up all kinds of thoughts and feelings about what you thought your life would be like.

Mindfulness Moment: Find Calm in Simple Chores

By Dr GaryCA 1 Comment

So, you’ve tried everything but the kitchen sink and you still haven’t found a mindfulness exercise that works for you? Well, maybe it’s time to take a second look at the kitchen sink.

3 Quick Tips to Stress Less and Improve Your Health

By Susan Sloane, BS, RPh, CDE 1 Comment

Reducing the stress in your life may be simpler than you think.

Craft a Positive Vision for Your Future

By Dr GaryCA 1 Comment

Where do you want to go in life? Here's how to get there, one small step at a time.

How to Keep Your Self-Evaluation Kind and Honest

By Gary McClain 1 Comment

Self-evaluation can be a good thing. But it can slip and slide into self-criticism. You have a choice.

New Year, New Goals: Making Realistic Resolutions

By sloane 2 Comments

As the new year draws near, we all try to make pledges to be better. We all have room for improvement, so what do we want to change. Do you want to eat better and…

Adjusting Expectations to Meet the Reality of Diabetes

By Dr GaryCA 3 Comments

Living with diabetes or any chronic condition is difficult enough without expecting perfection from yourself and others. See tips to take the pressure off.

How to Breathe to Release Stress

By Dr GaryCA No Comments

When you find yourself getting caught up in your head, with your mind wandering from the past to the future, your breath can bring you back down to earth and into the present moment. And…

Want Good Blood Glucose Control? Find a Kind Doctor

By Diabetic Connect StaffA 2 Comments

For people with conditions like diabetes, an empathetic doctor—someone who is caring and sensitive to what you're experiencing—not only eases your mind but can actually improve your health outcome.

What To Do When Your Doctor Won't Tell You What To Do

By Dr GaryCA 3 Comments

You have a right to make treatment decisions, but the choices can be scary. Here's how to handle it.

Setting Boundaries: How Always Saying "Yes" Can Sacrifice Self-Care

By Dr GaryCA 1 Comment

Enforcing boundaries is a process, moment by moment, one step at a time. And remember, if you are taking good care of yourself, you will be that much better able to care for the important…

Mindfulness Moment: Use Your Five Senses

By Dr GaryCA No Comments

When you're dealing with the frustrations and pains of a chronic illness, it can be especially hard to relax. Here, Dr. Gary offers some tips for how we can ground ourselves in the moment.