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Is Diabetes Overwhelming You? 5 Solutions to Try.

By Lana Barhum No Comments

Just because we don’t want chronic illness to control our lives does not mean we can ignore that it is a part of our lives.

What Stopped You from Reaching Out for Help?

By Dr GaryCA 1 Comment

Anxiety? Depression? Chronic illness? Stress? It can seem hard to seek help with your mental health, but it doesn't have to be. See tips from an expert.

What to Do When Uncertainty Makes You Imagine The Worst

By Dr GaryCA -2 Comments

When uncertainty makes you imagine the worst, these insights and practical tips can help you take control of your mind and separate facts from speculation.

Winter Blues: How Are You Coping?

By Dr. Gary No Comments

Winter blues staring to kick in? Dr. Gary gives us some great tips to beat the blues this winter.

8 Ways to Love Life (With Diabetes)

By Jewels Doskicz, R.N. No Comments

You can find happiness and joy every day, it just takes knowing where to look. Learn more at Diabetic Connect.

Where Can I Find Diabetes Blogs?

By Kate Cornell No Comments

Reading blogs about others who have made it past a situation your facing may give you hope that you too can face anything.

Twitter: A Social Haven for Diabetics

By Jewels Doskicz 1 Comment

Twitter is a great place for diabetics to make friends and share diabetes information. Here's a beginner's guide to help get you started on Twitter.

5 Tips for Handling the Diabetes Police

By Ginger Vieira No Comments

When well-meaning relatives try to tell you how to manage your diabetes, here's how to handle it.

Thinking "Why Me?" I Have Some Advice.

By Ginger Vieira 1 Comment

Living with diabetes isn't easy. Neither is living with any of life's problems. If you feel life isn't fair, here's advice that could help you cope.

A Healthy Lifestyle Can Change Your Perspective on Diabetes

By Jeanette Terry 1 Comment

The challenges of diabetes can spur positive changes in your life. Here's how to change the way you think about diabetes and achieve greater happiness.

Celebrating the Holidays With Diabetes

By Jeanette Terry No Comments

Diabetes never takes a holiday, but it doesn't have to dampen your holiday fun. Check out these tips on how to enjoy your time with friends and family.

7 Steps to Help Make a Bad Day Better

By Dr GaryCA 2 Comments

If you are living with a chronic condition, a bad day can mean not feeling all that great, having to take it easy, maybe canceling some plans.

Depression: The Hidden Diabetes Complication

By Chris Clement 3 Comments

I have suffered from type 1 diabetes for nearly two decades. But my physical condition is good. My suffering is emotional.

Setting Expectations of Diabetes Care

By Jeanette Terry 1 Comment

There are a lot of expectations when it comes to good diabetes control. Whatever the expectations, make sure that they are in line with good health decisions for your personal needs.

"Why Can't I Change My Eating Habits?"

By Dr GaryCA 5 Comments

Dr. Gary answers questions from the Diabetic Connect community: Why can't I change my eating habits even though I know not doing so could result in my untimely death? And: I have a hard time…

How to Create a Positive Environment at Home

By Dr GaryCA No Comments

The challenges of living with a chronic condition can leave hot buttons ripe for the pushing.