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Chronic Communication at Home: Talking about Sex

By Dr GaryCA 1 Comment

A chronic illness such as diabetes can affect intimacy. But opening up about concerns can strengthen your relationship. Here's how to begin.

The How-Tos of Being Happy While Living With Diabetes

By Jewels Doskicz No Comments

The how-tos of being continually happy while living with diabetes. Learn more at Diabetic Connect.

How About a Drink? Before You Pour, Consider Your Wellness.

By Dr GaryCA No Comments

Learn how to make sound decisions about alcohol use when you live with diabetes.

It's the Holidays. What Are You Saying “Yes” To?

By Dr GaryCA 1 Comment

Negative advice about the holidays makes us expect the worst and feel stress. Learn to enjoy the season by focusing on what's possible instead of what's not.

Someone with My Condition Just Died. What Does That Mean for Me?

By Dr GaryCA No Comments

When someone who had the same health condition as you dies, it's natural for you to have all kinds of feelings. Here's how to get through them.

Things No One Told Me: Diabetes and Having Dreams

By Lana Barhum No Comments

Learn how to make your dreams happen despite having diabetes. Read more at Diabetic Connect.

Expert Advice on...Advice

By Dr GaryCA No Comments

Tips for sizing up advice when well-meaning friends or loved ones try to tell you what to do.

When You Don’t Think You Can Keep Going

By Dr GaryCA No Comments

Life-saving help for anyone considering self-harm.

Keeping a Health Journal: 10 Tips to Get Started

By Dr GaryCA No Comments

Writing things down can help your mind and body. Dr. Gary offers his tips for keeping up on your health journal, and how it can help you.

When the Diagnosis Is Terminal. Eleven Steps toward Coping … and Hope

By Dr GaryCA No Comments

Insights and tips to help you find your way to greater peace of mind at the end of life’s journey.

How Are Diabetes and Depression Related?

By Diabetic Connect StaffA No Comments

Diabetics are at a greater risk of developing depression than the general population. Understanding how depression affects diabetes management is important.

5 Things Diabetics Wish You Knew

By Jeanette Terry 3 Comments

As diabetics, we need our loved ones to be compassionate, supportive, and understanding.

How to Stop Walking on Eggshells

By Dr GaryCA 1 Comment

Learn how to talk with your partner and family members about sensitive subjects instead of avoiding them.

Three Ways to Take Care of Yourself Despite Chronic Illness

By Lana Barhum No Comments

Helen, Carl and Michael are three amazing individuals who share what they have learned about taking care of themselves and managing their chronic illnesses.

You’d Rather Not Know? Nine Steps toward Facing the Facts.

By Dr GaryCA No Comments

Avoiding bad news about your health won’t make it go away. Here’s how to replace fear with facts.

Talking to Your Doctor: When Your Doctor Won’t Talk about Your Emotions

By Dr GaryCA No Comments

Tips to help you know what to do when your feelings spin out of control and your doctor isn’t helping.