Diabetes Diet And Exercise Articles

What a Nutritionist Can Do For You

By Amy Tenderich 3 Comments

People are often afraid that a nutritionist is just going to be preachy, or send you home with a dull, tasteless meal plan. Not necessarily so.

How to Learn and Practice Carb Counting

By Amy Tenderich 6 Comments

Master the art of carb counting to help you stay in control of your diabetes with these tried and true tips.

How to Avoid Carb Overload

By Amy Tenderich 2 Comments

Everyone talks about eating balanced meals. But do you really know what a “balanced meal” is?

Getting to Know the Glycemic Index, Its Benefits, and Its Limitations

By Amy Tenderich 1 Comment

While it’s true that most of our commonly eaten carb foods have similar effects on your BG, some do have advantages over others.

How to Recognize a Carbohydrate

By Amy Tenderich 5 Comments

Not sure what a carb is? Here’s the basic definition.

Understanding Carbohydrates

By Amy Tenderich 5 Comments

If you have diabetes, carbohydrates do matter!

Exercise—Tip 5: Don't Give up Sports Because of Diabetes

By Amy Tenderich 1 Comment

If you enjoy intense workouts or play a tough sport, you don't have to give this up because of diabetes! Learn how you can balance the two at Diabetic Connect.

Have an Excuse for Not Exercising? Here's How to Overcome It.

By Amy Tenderich No Comments

The benefits of exercise far outweigh any inconveniences.

Physical Exercise and Using Insulin

By Amy Tenderich 2 Comments

The funny thing about being on insulin is that most of the education focuses on adjusting your doses for the food you eat and not on your physical activity.

How to Stay Safe While Exercising With Diabetes

By Amy Tenderich 4 Comments

So if you’re physically active and you have diabetes, do you need to be cautious about blood sugar lows? Yes.

Exercise is Medicine

By Amy Tenderich 1 Comment

Physical activity lowers blood glucose (BG) levels by improving your body’s ability to use both glucose and insulin.

Exercise Is Not a Dirty Word

By Amy Tenderich No Comments

Diabetics are sometimes scared of exercise and avoid it like the plague. Learn how to get started with an exercise routine so it's not quite so intimidated.