Diabetes Diet And Exercise Articles

Why Losing Weight May Be Harder for You—and What You Can Do About It

By Kent Peterson No Comments

Learn how your body could make it more difficult for you to resist tempting food.

Finding Healthful, Diabetes-Friendly Recipes

By Amy Campbell No Comments

Diabetic dining has fewer limits than you may think.

Your Ultimate Guide to Grass-Fed Beef

By Tom Betar No Comments

There are many benefits to grass-fed beef. While many people assume it doesn’t matter what a cow eats, a cow’s diet can alter the nutrition value of your beef.

Diabetes Outdoors: Take a Hike!

By Kent Peterson No Comments

Nature’s wonders are waiting! Here’s how to manage your blood sugar while you enjoy them.

What’s the Best Cooking Oil?

By Amy Campbell 2 Comments

Have you walked down the oil aisle of the grocery store lately? Where did all of those different choices even come from? Which one is best, or does it really matter?

White Rice Alternatives

By Danielle Cronquist No Comments

Many people’s “go-to” starch, white rice, doesn’t offer a lot in terms of nutrition. Check out these substitutes can you eat instead.

The Dangers of Rapid Weight Loss

By Tom Betar No Comments

Extreme caloric restriction, or “crash dieting,” can have dangerous consequences for your physical and mental health, and you may be more likely to gain the weight back.

Eat More Fiber Without Spiking Your Blood Sugar

By Kent Peterson No Comments

Learn which low-carbohydrate foods are rich in healthful fiber.

Exercise May Cut Your Death Risk Up to 70 Percent

By Kent Peterson 1 Comment

Everyday activities could be enough to help you live longer, says a new study.

Can You Be a Vegetarian If You Have Diabetes?

By Jewels Doskicz No Comments

It is possible to adopt a well-rounded and healthful diet from plant-based vegetarian sources – even with diabetes.

4 Steps for Healthier Holiday Eating With Diabetes

By Jeanette Terry No Comments

Follow these easy tips for sticking with your diabetes eating plan during the holidays.

Can Exercise Improve Appetite Control?

By Danielle Cronquist No Comments

While most assume that vigorous exercise will drive them to eat even more, studies have shown that physical activity can suppress your hunger.

5 Ways to Curb Your Carb Cravings

By Jewels Doskicz No Comments

Here are five tips that can help you cut back on craving too many carbs.

Dealing With Tempting Foods at Work

By Amy Campbell No Comments

Are you worshipping at the workplace food altar? There’s a simple way to avoid it.

350 Low-Carb Foods You Can Eat If You Have Diabetes

By Kent Peterson 2 Comments

Check our handy list to make dining with diabetes easier.

How to Eat Like a Weight-Loss Champ

By Danielle Cronquist No Comments

Take a break from the fad diets and check out the eating plans of weight-loss champions according to data collected from MyFitnessPal.