Diabetes Alternative Treatments Articles

Health Benefits of Cold Showers

By Danielle Cronquist No Comments

A shower that makes you shiver may treat depression and other ills.

Diabetes and Essential Oils

By Danielle Cronquist 3 Comments

This alternative treatment may be able to help relieve some symptoms that are common in people with diabetes.

Taking a Closer Look at 7 Steps to Health and "The Big Diabetes Lie"

By Tom Betar No Comments

There is a lot of information available about diabetes, and it’s tough to know what to believe. There are many “miracle” cures for diabetes out there, but are they legitimate?

Diabetes Cures: "The pH Miracle for Diabetes" Exposed

By Danielle Cronquist No Comments

A “revolutionary diet plan” as a “miracle” response to your type 1 or type 2 diabetes problems sounds too good to be true, and that’s usually because it is.

Community Perspective: Diabetes Technology

By Tom Betar 1 Comment

Technology continues to permeate nearly every aspect of our lives, including our health and well-being. So, for our weekly Q&A we took a closer look at some of the ways technology is changing the game…

Community Perspective: Clinical Trials

By Tom Betar No Comments

Learn about the importance of clinical trials and what others are saying about them in our December 1 community Q and A.

Clinical Trials as a Road to Progress in Diabetes Treatment

By TrialReach 1 Comment

Are clinical trials right for you?

Alternative and Complementary Treatments for Diabetes

By Diabetic Connect StaffA 1 Comment

Diabetes care is always advancing, and it's possible for most people to effectively manage the condition.

Beware of Misleading Dietary Supplement Labels

By Victoria Candland No Comments

People managing a chronic condition rely heavily on supplements. What you need to know to make sure the supplements you buy are doing what they say they will.

Got Sun? Sunlight May Prevent Obesity and Type 2 Diabetes

By Victoria Candland No Comments

A compound released by the skin after sun exposure might help curb weight gain and type 2 diabetes. Learn more about the new findings here.

Harvard Stem Cell Research May Cure Type 1 Diabetes

By Victoria Candland 1 Comment

Harvard researchers used stem cells to create insulin-producing pancreatic cells and hope to transplant them into diabetic humans in the near future.

10 Habits Every Person With Type 2 Diabetes Needs to Learn

By Diabetic Connect StaffA 1 Comment

While there is no official cure for type 2 diabetes, careful control of your symptoms may limit the risk of future complications or reduce existing ones.

Can Dogs Sniff Out Diabetes?

By Diabetic Connect StaffA No Comments

Diabetic alert dogs, called DADS, are trained to smell changes in blood glucose levels of their owners.

Could a Tattoo Save Your Life?

By Shayli Lones No Comments

Diabetic alert tattoos are supposed to alert emergency personnel to your diabetes if you can't speak for yourself. But they aren't foolproof.

Chinese Medicine and Diabetes

By Kate Cornell No Comments

Traditional Chinese Medicine has been around for thousands of years, and now it may be able to help prevent diabetes.

How to Quit Smoking for Good

By Jenilee Matz 1 Comment

Understanding why quitting is so hard and learning what you can do to boost your chances of success this time around can help you quit for good.