Diabetic neuropathy is nerve damage that results from high blood sugar levels caused by diabetes. It develops in 10 to 20 percent of people with diabetes, according to the American Academy of Family Physicians, and affects not only a person's ability to perform daily tasks but mood and sleep patterns as well.

Medications can help restore function, control pain, and improve symptoms by, on average, about 30 to 50 percent. The most common treatments include tricyclic antidepressants, anticonvulsants, serotonin-norepinephrine reuptake inhibitors, opiates and opiate-like substances, and topical medications. But these medicines can have harsh side effects, which has led many diabetes sufferers to look for natural remedies.

Neuracel, an organic form of treatment

In recent decades, Americans have become more and more interested in finding natural treatments for a variety of health conditions, from neck pain to heart disease. In response, researchers have looked at products on the market, trying to separate the good from the not so good. One emerging product that has claimed success in treating diabetic neuropathy is Neuracel.

Marketed as the ultimate support system for neuropathy, Neuracel is comprised of natural ingredients, including five different herbs. This combination aims to treat the root cause of neuropathic pain by helping patients manage blood sugar levels and, in the process, repair damaged nerves.

The herbs that comprise Neuracel include:

Corydalis: Reduces neuropathic pain, and helps individuals overcome insomnia and restlessness that often accompanies their condition. Contains some of the same pain-relieving and sedative properties of the opium poppy (although in milder form).
Lobelia: Relaxes muscles and decreases muscle tension. Has a calming effect on inflamed and agitated nerves and helps improve blood flow in the body.
Passion flower: As a dietary supplement, passion flower helps reduce nerve pain by preventing the transmission of pain signals to the brain.
California Poppy: Decreases the pain that damaged nerves cause.
Prickly Ash Bark: Stimulates the central nervous system and blood circulation.

Always Talk to Your Doctor

Bear in mind that the FDA does not regulate natural and alternative treatments. While the makers of Neuracel claim no side effects, each person's body reacts differently to herbs and food. As always, talk to your doctor before starting or changing neuropathy treatment.