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  • Lack of Willpower

    I have been newly diagnosed diabetic and am struggling to get my blood sugars under control, with the help of my physician. I have hypothyroidism and also high cholesterol, and take medication for these conditions as well. I am on metformin and insulin. I test my sugar twice a day and rarely...

    By Tamy_K 19 Replies Latest Reply 2009-11-06 12:21:09 -0600
  • Happy Holidays.

    I hope every one had a Merry Christmas.I love this time of year,but I am seriously glad it is over. How about every one else? Seem like every one wants to hand you something we don't need like fudge or cakes.Hard to always say no and I don't.

    By Bluebutterfly 4 Replies Latest Reply 2008-12-27 04:36:03 -0600