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  • Blood sugar and Surgery

    I am going to have my gallblader removed Wednesday morning. How will it affect my sugar reading for the following week?

    By camsgranny 6 Replies Latest Reply 2008-08-15 20:07:30 -0500
  • scars

    when i get a scratch or a cut, I end up with scars. I wondr is being diabetic has something to do with it. does any one know how to not get scars or make them almost invisible?

    By DonnaAnn 7 Replies Latest Reply 2011-09-18 14:41:15 -0500
  • I owe it all to being Diabetic

    I have been reading about many great things here and I have come to realize that even in our seriousness and struggle to deal everyday with our diabetes, we MUST never forget to have fun. I was making a comment on a discussion and found that having diabetes made me much more active, happier,...

    By GabbyPA 41 Replies Latest Reply 2008-09-28 02:36:02 -0500
  • Lemon and water help lower sugar level?

    I was told lemon and water is good for lowering sugar level.Also eating a pickle at night? Just want to know.

    By noel7 9 Replies Latest Reply 2017-12-04 22:00:54 -0600
  • wound care

    Call me a panic person, but if I get so much as a scratch I am pouring peroxide and water and washing with soap and water on it. See, such a henny penny! I now that we heal slower than most, but how long is too long?

    By DonnaAnn 7 Replies Latest Reply 2011-09-18 14:47:36 -0500
  • Your symptoms,do tell !

    Recently a neighbor of mine came over to cut down a tree. He has Type one. And that is all I knew. Well, he and his son and law had come down to cut the tree and then they decided to leave. But, I looked out later and saw my neighbor wandering around as if he was looking for something. I figured...

    By DonnaAnn 4 Replies Latest Reply 2008-07-24 12:47:46 -0500
  • Foot Care.

    Nothing scares me more than my feet. So, I try to make sure they are well cared for. Powders and lotions, and drying them well. Tickle tests (please dont kick the tickler!) How do any of you take care of your feet (ie toe nails, pedicures, etc.)? Here is a number from Diabetes for Dummies for a...

    By DonnaAnn 5 Replies Latest Reply 2008-07-23 10:41:16 -0500
  • active voice to law makers

    I seek input from other diabetics in voiceing our opinions to law makers concerning sweetners and other additives or products which might cause addtional health problems to diabetics.

    By seawolf1944 9 Replies Latest Reply 2008-07-27 00:54:59 -0500
  • balancing my body PH

    i just got theses PH strips just to see what my PH was and i no its suppose to be between 7.0 an 7.5 mine was 6.0 im vary aicdid is that do to my DM2? i was also told that anyone with PH no. was more likely to get some kind of cancer does anyone no if this is true?? also does anyone know how one...

    By bucky 2 Replies Latest Reply 2008-07-25 12:07:11 -0500
  • Newly diagnosis and truly hating all these symptom

    I was diagnosised in April of this year, and I have been weak and dizzy almost every morning and when I'm trying to clean my house or cook me a small meal my body, knees and hands shake uncontrollable. I can't do the normal everday tasks, I have a fiance who's a good man and is such a big help,...

    By Bertlette 33 Replies Latest Reply 2010-02-14 00:15:18 -0600
  • Rising blood sugar readings after I go to bed

    I am at a loss here. I guess I have just gotten off track with tending for others in the family with illnesses but I do not know what to do to get lower blood sugar readings. Does anyone else have this problem and how do you handle it. Open for advise

    By meme3289 3 Replies Latest Reply 2010-01-16 11:45:22 -0600
  • Mrsa and being a diabetic

    Some of you will remember both my husband and I had a weird upper respitory infection. We seemed to get over it, then he came hme with what looked like a nasty bug bite. About a week later I got a boil on my thy I thought ok I can lance it, nothing came out but it got bigger and my limp nodes...

    By Dancehawk 3 Replies Latest Reply 2008-07-17 09:03:57 -0500
  • feeling nauseated at night

    This happens to me alot lately,I don't understand why.I eat a good dinner,and check my bg's at night,and them seem to be okay.Any one else have this happen?Any advice?

    By liz2857 6 Replies Latest Reply 2008-07-18 04:13:42 -0500
  • Morning dizziness

    I eat at nighttime the way but I don't eat anything before I go to bed.Sometimes I wake up in the morning and I feel dizzy and it takes me awhile to start to feel normal any suggestions what I can do so I don't feel so lousy in the morning?

    By risingstar 2 Replies Latest Reply 2008-07-14 13:45:23 -0500
  • Seven Self-Care Behaviors

    Hi All, I was wondering if you are familiar with the so-called "Seven Self-Care Behaviors" recommended by the American Association of Diabetes Educators: http://www.diabeteseducator.org/ProfessionalResources/AADE7/ They might sound kind of obvious, but if you can work on integrating some...

    Amy Tenderich
    By Amy Tenderich 18 Replies Latest Reply 2013-06-11 23:41:45 -0500
  • brewery yeast

    hi my name is cocoa im a cosmetology student with type 2 diabetes i was cutting this ladys hair the other day and she mentioned she was diabetic i told her i was too...so she said i know sumthing that can make it go away she told me the key was to stay away from bleached sugar and to take brewery...

    By retrochica 3 Replies Latest Reply 2008-07-17 03:20:12 -0500