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  • I take the byetta shot and it was not working for me

    I take the byetta shot and I found that one of my injection pens did not work and I was without my shot for about 2 weeks. When I was taking my shot it made me very sick to my stomach. I wanted to stop but the doctor would not let me. I had BS of 245 and I then started 10 mg. 2 times a day. I...

    Peggys - 20350
    By Peggys - 20350 3 Replies Latest Reply 2008-08-12 05:42:36 -0500
  • PCOS


    By krista16 12 Replies Latest Reply 2008-08-04 23:53:12 -0500
  • triumphant

    Hope this is okay: I thought it would be nice to have a place where we could boast about our triumphants big and small, no matter what it is! For me on the 1st of august, I was actually able to do a stretching excercise and touch the ground!

    By DonnaAnn 39 Replies Latest Reply 2008-09-01 22:31:22 -0500
  • Book about Vinegar

    I am looking for this book. Healing Powers of Vinegar or something close. There was a show on yesterday a talk show with the author on it and I could not fine it. Anyone catch it or know the book?

    G Thomas
    By G Thomas 8 Replies Latest Reply 2008-08-04 02:24:39 -0500
  • Does size really matter

    I know a woman who is rail thin, always running around. Nervous but, thin and she eats right. So, if someone is that thin, does weight really matter?

    By DonnaAnn 3 Replies Latest Reply 2008-08-04 00:50:30 -0500
  • secondary

    has anyone heard of secondary diabetes? My father ended up with this. He was diagnosed with cancer and then had diabetes. It is my understanding that secondary is caused by another illness, such as cancer. I was hoping to learn more about this.

    By DonnaAnn 6 Replies Latest Reply 2008-08-17 12:18:34 -0500
  • stigma

    Sometimes I wonder if there is a stigma with diabetes. When others find out that you are diabetic, they say things like, wow, you cant eat this and you cant eat that. Sometimes they do act different around you. If invited over they even make you diabetic jello! Not knowing of course sugar free is...

    By DonnaAnn 6 Replies Latest Reply 2008-08-01 12:03:40 -0500
  • hypertriglycima

    anyone besides of me suffering from this this is wicked and very hard to get under control im on every drug thats out there and again my tryglicerites are back to 8000.

    By bucky 10 Replies Latest Reply 2008-08-03 13:48:59 -0500
  • Diabetes and Chemotherapy

    Last year I was diagnosed with breast cancer for the second time. After a bilateral mastectomy, I started chemotherapy. My blood sugar had been on the high side before, but not dangerously. However, after starting chemo, my blood sugar shot sky high and stayed there in spite of Metformin,...

    Barb Silcott
    By Barb Silcott 0 Replies Latest Reply 2008-08-03 07:39:02 -0500
  • Husband

    My husband just got diagnosed with diabetes and is in denial. What suggestions can someone give me? He's hispanic and very macho....

    By Anonymous 5 Replies Latest Reply 2008-07-31 21:42:21 -0500
  • Red Wine

    I just want to say that I read a book called "Diabetes the First Year" and in that book it said if you are not on insulin that a 1/2 glass of red wine with your meal will keep your blood glucose down. I'm not a wine drinker but went a bought a bottle of Merlot and have been drinking a 1/2 glass...

    By Sheryl 166 Replies Latest Reply 2014-03-24 04:33:09 -0500
  • Learning

    I joined to learn more about diabetes. my grandfather(type1) and my boyfriend(type) are both diabetic. Im sure i could very easily google it but its not the same as getting real oppinons from people that experience it everyday and for a longer extent of time.

    nay - 19956
    By nay - 19956 10 Replies Latest Reply 2008-08-08 00:07:27 -0500
  • diabetic, and now maybe breastcancer

    i am a diabetic for over 5 years it is hard to manage it an now i may have breast cancer. the mammogram show a lump on my right breast.what to do scare.

    patricia cavins
    By patricia cavins 10 Replies Latest Reply 2008-08-04 01:27:28 -0500
  • How to Lower Morning BG??

    Hi Everyone, I have noticed that my morning BG varies widely. I would like to bring the numbers down and keep them a bit more consistant. Anyone have any types on how I can do that. I already try not to eat after 8:30 and that seems to help a bit. I have also been told to eat a bit of...

    By JoJoCooks 5 Replies Latest Reply 2008-08-09 05:30:43 -0500
  • Blood sugar and Surgery

    I am going to have my gallblader removed Wednesday morning. How will it affect my sugar reading for the following week?

    By camsgranny 6 Replies Latest Reply 2008-08-15 20:07:30 -0500
  • scars

    when i get a scratch or a cut, I end up with scars. I wondr is being diabetic has something to do with it. does any one know how to not get scars or make them almost invisible?

    By DonnaAnn 7 Replies Latest Reply 2011-09-18 14:41:15 -0500