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  • meters

    can someone please tell me if I should be concerned when 2 different meters show 2 different reading,sometimes 15-20 points apart, using the same prick. I'm type 2 and the A1c is satisfactory however in keeping track of my facting sugar I find the reading is all over the chart, so I'm using 2...

    susanK - 14120
    By susanK - 14120 5 Replies Latest Reply 2008-05-28 08:51:40 -0500
  • sugar craving

    hi i have type 2 and i take humalog according to carbs three times a day, byetta twice a day and lantus at bedtime. i usually have such a sugar craving after a meal that i will tear the house apart looking for something sweet. i know i need to take better care of myself but it is so hard. i...

    By maryw 11 Replies Latest Reply 2008-06-08 12:06:22 -0500
  • Partners of Diabetics?

    How about your spouse? Or your boyfriend or girlfriend? Have you ever had a chance to really dig into their experience with your diabetes? I run a section on my website called "The Diabetic Partner Follies" that might be very eye-opening. Please visit......

    Amy Tenderich
    By Amy Tenderich 0 Replies Latest Reply 2008-05-27 06:29:33 -0500
  • Tingly toes

    Several months ago, I had foot surgery to remove an ingrown toenail. About the same time, I noticed that my toes were not feeling right. I mentioned it to my foot doctor and he said it was most likely that the nerves were damaged. Now I have come to find that it actually is related to my...

    By GabbyPA 6 Replies Latest Reply 2008-06-26 12:48:56 -0500

    I have had type 2 for about 90 days.When my sugar get down to around 100-110 I dont feel right..My Dr said I should feel better,is it to soon yet? I take Actos 15mg,Im eatting 100 % better and I havent lost any weight..Anyone have any ideas???

    By jupton1 46 Replies Latest Reply 2012-10-27 19:05:20 -0500
  • traveling to las vegas in august 2008.

    i'm going to travel to las vegas in 2008 and i was wonderin if anybody else has done so and if they had where do they go to get diabetic foods?

    kathey bull
    By kathey bull 6 Replies Latest Reply 2008-05-27 06:13:54 -0500
  • Lap-Band Surgery

    I have been Diabetic 2 for appoximately 31 years. I have tried every diet program out there. I am now thinking about the possibility of having the Lap-Band Surgery. Can any one tell me about the pros and cons of having this surgery. I feel it is a last resort.

    By Punkie200 2 Replies Latest Reply 2008-05-24 16:10:18 -0500

    Hi , I wanted to bring up one thing that I have not seen any one talk about yet DRY MOUTH// See I know being a Diabetic , makes you have a DRY MOUTH,, but taking some medicines will also cause a DRY MOUTH, , and you don't even have to be a Diabetic to get a DRY MOUTH ,, See when I was...

    Cindy Riley
    By Cindy Riley 7 Replies Latest Reply 2011-09-17 10:23:28 -0500
  • Type 2 diabetes is reversible?????

    Type 2 diabetes is reversible. Although this is not widely published, one only has to look on any popular search engine for terms "reversing type 2 diabetes" or "type 2 diabetes reversal or cure" and you begin to see the enormous wealth of free and helpful information available. Free...

    By jupton1 28 Replies Latest Reply 2012-05-21 21:13:29 -0500
  • High blood sugar

    My blood sugar tests high (over 200) in the morning. As the day goes on his goes down. I'm taking Januvia and Glipizide. I watch what I eat, exercise, and drink plenty of water. Would anyone know what causes this? Thanks, Cheryl

    By Cheryl746 7 Replies Latest Reply 2008-05-24 08:13:38 -0500
  • Do you know what your A1C is?

    I was talking with someone yesterday and they relayed to me that they heard that most people do not know what an A1C test is, meaning they wouldn't know what their personal A1C is. Is this true? If you don't want to be identified, please post back as Anonymous in your reply. Thanks.

    By TRKnight2007 16 Replies Latest Reply 2011-09-17 10:17:50 -0500
  • blood sugar

    need to know what to do---my blood sugar has been over 450 for the last 4 weeks even after doctor,s vitit --what to do meds not working

    mike r
    By mike r 8 Replies Latest Reply 2008-05-29 01:39:01 -0500
  • how to loew vear hi sugers

    hi my name is tonia i was wanted to know if i can get any help of info in how to get my surges to stay lower than 345-456 that is what they have been for the past few 4 mounths

    tonia - 14903
    By tonia - 14903 3 Replies Latest Reply 2008-05-21 12:12:02 -0500
  • The Origin Of Herbs And Spices

    Has any one on here every used Herbs and Spices to see if it will help the A1c ? I have and I have used others to help, and I brought my A1c from 16 to 5,6 after using Herbs and Spices, like ,Thyme,Rosemary,Garlic ,Cloves,Cinnamon,Bay leaves,ginger,the most rare spice is saffron,Saffron is used...

    Cindy Riley
    By Cindy Riley 2 Replies Latest Reply 2008-05-17 15:58:48 -0500
  • No Your ABCs of type 2 diabetes ???

    The ABCs of type 2 diabetes If you have type 2 diabetes, you’re at higher risk for heart disease and other complications. But there are steps you can take to reduce your risk—and understanding them is as easy as A-B-C. A – Keep your A1C levels less than 7% Taking control of your blood...

    By jupton1 0 Replies Latest Reply 2008-05-17 11:22:41 -0500
  • No Silver bullet

    As I read discussions I see a common thread among type 2 diabetics. Will ____________ (fill in the blank) control my blood glucose? It has been my experience that there is no one thing that going to get us well controlled rather it is a combination of several things. It is my opinion when...

    By Toma 2 Replies Latest Reply 2009-08-18 19:16:36 -0500