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  • Bydureon Shots

    Hi All! I have a weird question, and I wasn't sure where else to turn. I'm so very glad to have found this group! I'm taking Bydureon and have been for about 3 months now. I've noticed that when I take it, my sugars are great for the first day or two. They seem to steadily raise through the...

    By Cher9285 0 Replies Latest Reply 2013-12-01 19:37:55 -0600
  • Anyone got the Flu, Pneumonia or Shingles Shot?

    I am getting shots as preventative medicine. Who here has gotten the flu, pneumonia or shingles shot? I just got a pneumonia shot. I used to get these respiratory infections that settled into pneumonia. Every year I would be violently ill and hacking my lungs out for 6-8 weeks. When I got...

    By pixsidust 28 Replies Latest Reply 2011-09-08 17:14:58 -0500
  • Stupid steriod shots :(

    So, I had to have a steroid a few weeks ago to help gain some mobility back from my psoriatic arthritis. My Doctor and I did discuss that my BS would go up but eventually it would come back down over time and she adjusted my meds a bit. Well, at this point I'm really getting worried. My BS has...

    By Alicia039 7 Replies Latest Reply 2009-10-05 16:49:55 -0500
  • Cortizone Shots and your BG

    I thought I would share this to give any of you out there considering joint treatment with a cortizone shot. I found out this week that it has the ability to raise your BG levels by over 100 points. So make sure you are in good control before you get one, and ask your doctor about it. It usually...

    By GabbyPA 11 Replies Latest Reply 2009-06-11 23:07:47 -0500
  • Injection Sites

    So far I have only given myself my shots in the stomach. For some reason I am extremely hesitant on doing them anywhere else...but I really need a new site, for I do not want my stomach to become full of the lumps that I have been told can happen if you use the same area too often. I do move...

    By vgarrison 16 Replies Latest Reply 2009-12-23 22:51:24 -0600