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  • Another great new feature: Site-wide search

    OK, so this one has been a loooooooooong time coming. And we finally have the ability to search the entire site! That's right. Up there in the upper right of this very page, you can search the entire site for anything you're interested in! Go ahead. Give it a try. And let us know what...

    John Crowley
    By John Crowley 14 Replies Latest Reply 2012-10-04 20:17:25 -0500
  • Am I Missing Something, or

    ... is there really no search function in the recipe section of this site?

    By north_coastr 3 Replies Latest Reply 2010-03-29 14:48:03 -0500
  • Search

    Ok so I went to add a news article and when I arrived at that section I see 15 pages of articles. I do not want to go thru all 15 pages right now but I don't want to post an article that has already been posted. Is there a was to search? Search the whole site? Search just the news articles? If so...

    By BrookeT 3 Replies Latest Reply 2008-07-26 04:41:08 -0500
  • Search Field

    It would be nice to have a search fild for every section. I was looking for recipes with certain items and the only way I saw to find it was by going into each recipe. It there a way to search via Tags, Titles of recipes, or incrediaents. The same option would be good for all categories.

    By TBOzarka1 1 Replies Latest Reply 2008-03-14 04:09:09 -0500