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  • Logbook feature

    So one thing everyone with diabetes needs to help them have effective management is a logbook of some kind. No matter, what form it is in, whether it is a paper log sheet or an actual log book or electronic, or even if you just wait until you go to the doctor to have your meter downloaded. You...

    Jeanette Terry
    By Jeanette Terry 43 Replies Latest Reply 2012-10-21 14:13:25 -0500
  • Clinical Studies: Become a Hero

    We launched a new feature this afternoon - - Clinical Trials. I would love for you all to try it out and give us some feedback. Clinical trials are a critical part of the research process that help find better treatments and ways to prevent, detect, and treat diseases like diabetes....

    By TRKnight2007 16 Replies Latest Reply 2015-06-27 03:18:09 -0500
  • New Feature: Invite Your Friends

    Hello everyone. We added a new "Invite Your Friends" feature last night. I'd love it if you could test it out and let me know if you experience any problems or have any suggestions for improvements. Besides, this is one of the best ways to earn points towards your Activity Rating. Thanks.

    By TRKnight2007 1 Replies Latest Reply 2008-05-06 05:57:04 -0500