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    am wring my recent experience.since last four days could not go for walk.There was no change in my diet.Four days back the sugar before and after meals was normal but after four days it has gone up more than 210. what i concluded is ,exercise has so much in keeping the sugar level normal

    By saifiameem 6 Replies Latest Reply 2010-09-23 21:47:14 -0500
  • work out (gym)

    hi , i have seen many people with diabetes going and working out at gym to build their body .and one of my friend who is type1 is also working out at gym to build his body . is this advicable for type 1 diabetic people ?.. will he be able to build his body .. ? if yes, will he able to...

    By vinodh 10 Replies Latest Reply 2009-09-10 13:54:56 -0500