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  • Long winded articles

    Ask D’Mine: The Truth Behind “Net Carbs” and Eating Breakfast Got queries related to life with diabetes? Send ‘em our way. {Need help navigating life with diabetes? Email us at…

    By KarieV 2 Replies Latest Reply 2011-07-10 22:29:36 -0500
  • Blood Sugars and carbs

    Well, after 55 years of good health I have now been diagnosed Type II diabetes. Only now am I starting to read up on the issues related to diabetes and am getting some contradicting info on the number of carbs a person should have at a meal, a day, etc. Some sites say 20-carbs per meal while...

    By in2health 13 Replies Latest Reply 2010-11-04 21:22:07 -0500