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  • Sleeping

    Does anyone have trouble sleeping ? Between the pain in my feet and spasms in my back I am lucky to get 3 hours of sleep . So when I got home work at 5 am I took 1 tab of melatonin and slept for the first time in weeks a full 8 hours . I read the label it states a vegetarian formula . Is this...

    By Cheryl0213 0 Replies Latest Reply 2015-05-27 15:24:42 -0500
  • weight loss

    I don't know what foods are low in sugar

    By damny 5 Replies Latest Reply 2015-05-27 14:52:20 -0500
  • Lada Diabeties

    Don't have a pat answer either Type 1 or 2. I have two different answers from 2 endos. Has anyone heard of Lada as my mother had rheumatoid arthritis and I was asked if anyone in the family had autoimmune problems. It was also told I would be on insulin. Does anyone else have Lada?

    By LRD 4 Replies Latest Reply 2015-05-27 13:35:22 -0500
  • Mini rant

    If benfotiamine is so good for diabetics, why can I only find it online? I spent the better part of an hour this morning trying to find a local source and came up with nothing...zip, nada, bupkis. So frustrating. I only have a teensy bit of neuropathy in my toes and a small patch on my leg,...

    By suecsdy 13 Replies Latest Reply 2015-05-27 16:44:06 -0500
  • Pumps

    Does anyone have the omnipod? My doctor referred it to me bc I told her I didn't want a pump bc of the tubing. I've read the reviews and I say more negative then positive things about both the PDM and insulin not working correctly. I hope I'm making a good choice by getting the omnipod! Help!!

    By NicoleV 2 Replies Latest Reply 2015-05-27 15:54:12 -0500
  • Need help identifying if these symptoms are from my diabetes...

    Hello all, and thanks for reading. This is my first post here, and I wanted to ask a question. This is gonna be a long post. My name is Daniel, I'm 30 and have been diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes since I was 21. I had a really bad scare this past Friday. I work nights, get home about 3:00 AM. I...

    By dude1984 3 Replies Latest Reply 2015-05-27 13:18:38 -0500
  • foot pain

    OK it seem to me that it doesn't matter what medication you take for diabetic neuropathy you still don't feel any relief. Last night the pain in my ankle bone was so bad that I couldn't fall asleep till 2am. It was so painfully bad. I even looked on webmd for home remedies and there was...

    sherry berry
    By sherry berry 9 Replies Latest Reply 2015-05-27 15:50:45 -0500
  • Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD)

    A healthy liver is vital for diabetics. Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease, or NAFLD, is associated with insulin resistance, obesity, metabolic syndrome and type 2 diabetes. NAFLD can lead to permanent liver damage, which can make managing diabetes much more difficult. This article,...

    By haoleboy 5 Replies Latest Reply 2015-05-27 15:17:11 -0500
  • Can one be misdiagnosed?

    Does anyone have any thoughts about being misdiagnosed with diabetes? I'm a believer that once you've got it, you can't get rid of it, but that there is such a thing as keeping it in check with a close watch on diet and exercise. I was diagnosed a year ago with an A1c of 6.5. It was my first...

    By Mando_Lynn 6 Replies Latest Reply 2015-05-27 15:34:12 -0500
  • sister just was diagnosed

    My sister was just diagnosed by her Dr.. They just told her not to eat carbs or sugar. Put her on Metformin and told her they would see her in three mos. They gave her no meter, no information on the disease, NOTHING. I have been diabetic for two years and explained what she needs to do but she...

    By Anonymous 9 Replies Latest Reply 2015-05-27 11:39:10 -0500
  • Low Carb diet

    I started following a low carb diet about 2 months ago and it has been great for my BG however I'm having a lot of problems with severe constipation and I am wondering if anyone has had similar problems on low carb and if so how to remedy the GI issues. I eat a lot of salad and vegetables so I...

    By lisastokes 6 Replies Latest Reply 2015-05-27 13:51:55 -0500
  • Easiest diet to follow

    Busy working 12-16 hours a day 5 days a week. What have you found to be the easiest on the go low carb diets? I'm on nph two times a day and regular insulin 3 times a day plus sliding scales. I don't mind cooking on the weekends, it's during the week where I have a difficult time. I've been...

    By carolyn-b 4 Replies Latest Reply 2015-05-26 20:41:05 -0500
  • working 3-11 and managing late night eating

    So I was recently diagnosed with Prediabeties and I know alot about it being a nurse but what I have been struggling with is the late night eating. Funny how before I was diagnosed I wasnt as aware of my hunger and now it dominates my life. And of course I never want fruit or something healthy at...

    By kbean77 2 Replies Latest Reply 2015-05-25 15:36:33 -0500
  • Sleeping with an insulin pump.

    Hello all, I'm a new pumper and I'm having some difficulties on how to wear my pump. Especially at bed time, I don't know where to put it. Any advice? Thank you!!

    By Amy24 3 Replies Latest Reply 2015-05-27 10:57:26 -0500
  • Breakfast

    Recently diagnosed with Type 2. I am trying to get into the habit of breakfast. I have never been a breakfast eater, but try to have a small amount of protein in the A.M. My husband thinks it will make me eat more. I am trying to lose the weight. My doctor told me I have to include breakfast...

    By SAC112750 1 Replies Latest Reply 2015-05-25 08:50:37 -0500
  • Dieting To Lose Weight

    Umm I just wanna ask to you guys.. I'm going on a diet which consist of eating food in a small dipping bowl.. I'm an Asian and we eat rice as a staple food.. I put 2/3 of the bowl with rice and the other part is side dishes.. Do you think it's healthy for my diabetes or not and as for my...

    By Camilya 6 Replies Latest Reply 2015-05-26 07:23:05 -0500