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  • Landmark Civil Rights Legislation for People with Diabetes

    Hi Yall! After all of the bad news yesterday related to the stock market, etc., you may have missed some GOOD news: As of yesterday, people with diabetes are all now covered by the Americans with Disabilities Act. According to R. Stewart Perry, (Chair of the Board, American Diabetes...

    By CMeli1027 5 Replies Latest Reply 2008-10-01 13:30:43 -0500
  • Overtreating Lows

    Hi, I know this issue is totally "Diabetes 101," and that after 18 years of being T1 I really should have figured it out, but my #1 problem with my diabetes management is treating low BGs. My strategy for treating lows is rediculous: As soon as I feel low, I start eating (whatever is...

    By CMeli1027 8 Replies Latest Reply 2008-10-04 22:38:17 -0500
  • Diabetes in the Developing World

    Hi, So I'm usually complaining about how hard my life is as a person with T1- the annoyance of dealing with my health insurance compay, endless doctor appointemnts, couting carbs, the threat of complications, etc, etc. I just had a major reality check. This video that I saw really humbled...

    By CMeli1027 9 Replies Latest Reply 2008-10-11 17:15:00 -0500
  • Testing Suppies Help

    Does any one know where you can get helpwith testing supplies? I currently have no income, filing appeal for disability and been denied by medicaid. I need help with obtaining test strips for FreeStyle meter

    By cherrypie 3 Replies Latest Reply 2008-09-24 02:54:32 -0500
  • is anyone else having problems here

    hi I can sometimes open a new post but that is all if I get emails I can not respond also same with invites or anything here I can not even upgrade my profile and all I did was turn to the left on a pic. any help would be great only if I can find this post again. Bob

    By bobgogo 2 Replies Latest Reply 2008-09-25 00:22:15 -0500
  • highs and lows

    I have had type 1 since 1978. never have had a good control on it. I even tried the pump. (which I am still paying off as it sits in my closet) but I do not feel the highs or the lows and so far this year the emts have woken me up over 30 times due to lows and passing out. I can be at 260 before...

    By bobgogo 2 Replies Latest Reply 2008-10-03 17:10:34 -0500
  • starting school

    My son was just evaluated by the IU20 program and was told they couldn't help. River will be 5 in dec. but i'm not sure about school. He has never been more than a few feet away from me for more than an hour. please send some advice about school and diabetes!!!!!!

    river's momma
    By river's momma 2 Replies Latest Reply 2008-10-03 17:24:15 -0500
  • Infections and the High Sugars..

    "DARN it ALL" A year ago I started showing the signs of Neuropathy,mind and body;vertigo nausea feel and hand (etc).I was Taking off work to get it all under control,and came just as the numbers seemed to go down they rose even high and I got sicker.I Found out I had a Staph infection...and was...

    By Jlynn 13 Replies Latest Reply 2008-09-17 04:09:56 -0500
  • Worried about my Dad

    My dad seems to be getting sicker everyday. He even says it himself. Its like he is giving up. He was rushed to the hosptial last weekend. He is losing blood, he had to have three units of blood,this is like the fourth time in the past eighteen months. They have done testing But they don't know...

    By sunflowers413 3 Replies Latest Reply 2008-09-12 13:01:57 -0500
  • no insurance

    what is the best way to get strips and insulin w/o ins??????

    william crago
    By william crago 5 Replies Latest Reply 2008-09-11 04:41:01 -0500
  • Diabetic Assistance Dog Volunteers

    Hello everyone, I am the Program Director of a nonprofit (Eyes Ears Nose and Paws) that trains Diabetic Assistance Dogs who alert their handlers when blood sugars move outside of target ranges. We train the dogs using scent detection (in other words, the dogs use their noses). I am in need...

    By deb@eenp 13 Replies Latest Reply 2008-09-27 13:38:04 -0500
  • repairing skin cells

    I have a question that occured to me this morning. Since skin cells can repair themselves if you have a cut or scratch, why can't beta cells repair themselves? Is it not the same genetic principle? Carol

    By Carol11 0 Replies Latest Reply 2008-09-08 05:37:13 -0500
  • T1 and Metformin?

    Hi there! Any other type I's have experience using Metformin? My doctor just suggested that I start it to help with insulin resistance and weight loss. I hear it's rough on your stomach.... Thanks! -Corinne

    By CMeli1027 1 Replies Latest Reply 2008-09-12 11:18:16 -0500
  • Support

    Does anyone know of a support group in the Oklahoma City, Oklahoma area? Even though my son was diagnosed almost 4 years ago, I am still not handling it very well. Thank you!!!!

    Frustrated mom
    By Frustrated mom 7 Replies Latest Reply 2008-09-02 05:06:28 -0500
  • carb intake

    Does anyone know the daily recommended number of carb gram intake? I think I am taking in way too many.

    By jmcgibb 6 Replies Latest Reply 2008-11-08 10:17:30 -0600
  • Neuropathy

    I am a 39 yr old diabetic who has severe neuropathy in my feet and hands. I take Lyrica 75mg at night only because it makes me so dizzy I can't function during the day. I had carpal tunnel surgery on one hand, but it was a complete failure. I also keep getting these neuromas on the bottom of...

    Angie - 14113
    By Angie - 14113 7 Replies Latest Reply 2008-08-19 03:45:53 -0500