Why does it take so long?

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Well,Iwent to the DR.on tuesday and it turns out he was only checking up on my overactive bladder.He told me that my PCP was the one to take care of my swelling and fluid retention on my legs,foot pain,and not being able to walk good.He, the urologist is checking my bladder and he's going to take lab for my prostate and an ultrasound on my kidneys.OK,but why will it take almost three months to see my primary care Dr. and I have called to complain about my increased swelling and pain and can hardly walk when my feet start hurting.She says to continue taking my fluid pills and rest with my legs up on a pillow.And my Dr. for my kidneys won't see for another month. So why can't we see the doc sooner especially after taking meds and they don't seem to help much.Well, now what do I do,PCP sends me to urologist and urologists sends me back to PCP.I am getting behind on many of my chores and our property is looking like a trash bin.I do what I can but not for long.I would like everyone to say a prayer for me and my wifeon her back and leg problem and hopefully the Drs. don't have to give her steroid shots on her back,which makes her glucose readings to get very high.Well hope to hear from anyone and give some good advice.God Bless You All,and may he help comfort everyone or healyou from any or all your illnesses.Talk later,Flores

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flores 2009-08-16 15:30:30 -0500 Report

Hello friends,thank you for all your input on my situations.Update, Iwas given fluid pills for my swelling legs,They also changed my cholesterol pills cause the other ones were not helping me out much. I'm still taking Metforim o help my glucose to keep it under control and celebrex for spasms and toprol for my bp and crestor for cholesterol,and a thyroid med.cause mine is overacting to much. I take fluid pills to keep my swelling down on my legs and it helps but, if I overdo it,it starts to swell bigtime. Istill have like a nerve or something that feels like it is pulling very hard from my knee to my ankle. But the pain is so severe I take a pain pill but it only helps temporarily and I have to lay down with pillow under my leg.Well I will see the dr.for results on my bladder to see if I have an infection.I hope to see the neurologists soon and figure out what is causing the pulling on my leg.I hope everyone is doing ok for now, and the dr.s are taking good care of all of you and my prayers are still going on for everyone to stay healthy and strong or tofind some comfort for the weary days. God Bless everyone.Flores.

Pat Roth
Pat Roth 2009-08-23 16:37:33 -0500 Report

Bless you and your wife! I am fortunate, now that I have finally bitten the bullet, and made an appt with a new Dr. he saw me right away, even tho he was doing paper work over at the next door hospital. I have seen him a few times and we just seem to hit it off—-he is funny, yet very knowedgeable and kindly reassurring, just what I have needed. So may God Bless you too, in getting to the bottom of your problems, quickly!! I HATE PAIN, so don't usually go unless I can hardly navigate, for whatever reason. I have gone to the ER with diverticulitis several times as the pain was so great, and it usually had to occur on a Sat eve—-or such—. Their pharmacy kept enough pain meds and anitibiotics to get a person over a week-end, then see your Dr later, with no problem, they worked you in—-

One time I was admitted to the hospital, then shipped to the city the next day as my bone marrow failed, letting my white count drop to a 1,000 etc.,n nothing left to fight the germs with—- I obviously came out OK and was thankful for the timely care!

Sorry that not everyone has such easy access to their physichian! Hugs , Pat Roth

Lovepo 2009-08-04 09:31:08 -0500 Report

Please call your doctor's office and tell them that it is very urgent that you get in to see your doctor. Do not take no for an answer. Explain to them what is going on and that you know the doctor would want to see you as soon as possible.

Jipwhip 2009-07-27 16:36:13 -0500 Report

I would call the doctors office and ask to speak with the doctor's nurse. Tell her what is going on with you and that your meds are not working very well for you. Anytime that I have had a problem like this this is what I do. And the nurse always gets right back to me to let me know if I need to come in right away or the next day. Doctors know that stuff comes up all the time, they make arrangements for this very issue. And if there is still a problem ask to talk to your doctor right away, they don't always know what the office people are saying to you. But when they do they get it taken care of right away. I had this problem at my eye doctor's office and when he found out he told me next time to ask to talk to him right away. He spoke to the reciptionists about what happened have had no problems since then. Hope this helps you out.

Ms.B2 2009-07-27 02:08:18 -0500 Report

I am so sorry your haivng such a tuff time, bless your heart's. I can understand your flusteration. This whole episode with the heart cath last week started when my PCP sent me to a neurologist for my migrains and my restless leggs were uncontrolable, in turn the neurologist sends me to a cardologist to make sure my ticker can handle strong meds for the migrains. Well that's where the heart cath comes in. Because of all my dirty little habits, uncontroled B/S,HBP,CHOL.TRI.and let's not forget the old gene pool and last but not least the menthol cigarett's I inhaled off & on for thirty yrs.still off (yeah),right now. I still have my endo, & Gastrologist to see in the next couple of weeks! I swear these guy's must have thought they saw $$ signs stamped on my behind at sometime or other, boy do they need to have their eye's checked! Oh see there's another doctor I left out and I go to him on the 30th. Sorry didn't mean to stomp on the ole soapbox when we are supposed to be talking about your concern's. I guess that's the one all the doctor's have missed, ADD/ADHD. ANyway I do believe as much as these guy's are being paid you should march into the office and insist that you be worked in. Now don't be ugly that won't get you anywhere but stand your ground. Take a snack if you need to and be prepared to wait the office ladies out until you are seen. Sorry I was so long winded, best of luck to you Flores, I do pray that you find relief soon for yourself and your wife. God Bless and good night.
Always Lucie

divanan 2009-07-27 02:31:35 -0500 Report

hi, this is my first time, and i see that i can be happy with my doctors staff, when i call to see my doctor they always work me in that day or the next. i wish you all the best, and maybe that sect. is better to everyone now. will talk later

daniel velazco
daniel velazco 2009-07-27 10:43:55 -0500 Report

Hello KD,
The point I wasg to get across is that with having such bad pain in his feet to the point that he can not walk I
would go to the ER as I would consider this an emergancy. This may be caused by diabeties or it may be another problem. I don't condone people going to the ER for just any reason only for a real emergacy. I should have worded my responce diferently. Dan

Avera 2009-07-27 00:46:55 -0500 Report


If you have health insurance, you can pick and choose just who you want to see.

Call your local hospital and see if they have an Urgent Care department separate from the main Emergency Room. They see patients with problems such as yours on a walk in basis same as the emergency room. According to the hospital, your insurance is charged at a regular Urgent Care rate which on most policies is less than the Emergency Rooom would cost and the wait is shorter.

You can also go to any other Urgent Care facility in your city as well. Sometimes when my doctor is busy or out of town and I have a problem I go there. I give them a full report of myself leaving nothing out. I even let them know I could not get in to see my PCP. Be sure to take the names of your doctors and their telephone numbers. If your problem is as serious as you say, the doctors at the urgent care will call your doctor or send you to someone who can help you if they cannot.

You may just need to have your medicine for excess fluid retention adjusted, so it is important to take all your medicines with you.

Others here have given you some excellent advice. I would keep calling my doctor until they would see me as others suggested. Each time that you call, make sure the person on the phone gives you their name so you can tell the PCP that they were not helping you as well as they could.

Of course, I myself would just drive to that PCP's office, walk up to the window making sure the waiting room was crowded and ask to be worked in as soon as possible. If the nurse gives you a hard time and says it will not be possible, JUST SAY AS LOUD AS YOU CAN,,,,DO YOU MEAN TO TELL ME THAT THIS IS MY DOCTOR AND AS SICK AS I AM THAT HE IS TURNING ME AWAY AND REFUSING TO HELP ME?

This sounds harsh but believe it or not, sometimes the people in the office are the ones making the decision to see,,,not the doctor. It could be something as simple as that the offie people are afraid if the doctor works you in, they will have to go to lunch late or work overtime.

Whatever the case, stand up for your rights and good luck!

cakeybakes 2009-07-26 11:27:03 -0500 Report

I would also call several times a day to see if anything opens up. They will get the point a lot sooner and get you booked. I'm just starting to experience this myself with my PCP who seems to get busier by the minute. It's too bad people who don't really need to be seen (like for the common cold) go to the doctor for every little sniffle. Those of us who are supposed to be seen for more serious things have a hard time getting in! Good luck!

daniel velazco
daniel velazco 2009-07-26 20:51:36 -0500 Report

What I would do if you can't get an appointment is go to the emergancy room and have them check you out. The
ER Dr's always send a report to you PCP plus they tell you to see your PCP withni so many days. This way when you call for an appointment let them know that the ER Dr wants you swee him. Also don't talk to the recepsionist ask for your Dr's nurse this ussually works.

kdroberts 2009-07-26 21:21:15 -0500 Report

Unfortunately this is one of the reasons that the US healthcare system and health insurance is expensive. Going to the ER just to get checked out is not a good idea. If it's a genuine emergency then fine, if you just want to see a doctor quicker than you can get an appointment then it's an abuse of the system.

cakeybakes 2009-07-27 13:27:18 -0500 Report

I agree with kd. Going to the ER for a neurology consult a couple of months ago under my PCP's direction was a bad idea. I not only didn't get a consult, I was told by the ER physician that it was a waste of my time since my symptoms were indicative of some of the medication I was on and he was "in no uncertain terms" going to diagnose me in the ER. Nevermind the fact that I had almost passed out again and was stuttering and trembling so badly I couldn't even function normally. I would rather bug the PCP until I got in, if I were you.

kdroberts 2009-07-26 11:05:25 -0500 Report

Call every day, or multiple times a day, asking if anything opened up. You'll probably get an appointment within 48 hours if you do that, you may be offered one the same day you call so make sure you know what you are doing and can take it if they offer one that quickly.

2009-07-26 09:49:56 -0500 Report

I think I would call my dr's office and see if I could either get an earlier appointment, or at least get some answers sooner. Explain the problem and that you feel that you need immediate help, not three months from now. Tests don't take that long to come back.