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I am healthy as a strong horse. I learned that my glucose is high, 103.
I saw a dietician about the diets and execrises. How do you take care of yourself when your glucose is high?

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Pynetree 2011-03-21 09:27:47 -0500 Report

Pre-diabetic = a little bit diabetic, just like a little bit pregnant or a little bit dead. LOL! And 103 being a high BG reading! No Way! You need a second opinion! My Dr. has admitted that he tells some people they are "Pre-diabetic" , if they are headed that way, to force them to clean-up their act…eat healthier!

mimi3727 2011-03-13 11:09:22 -0500 Report

ok I have a question then. we have been doing the fasting blood test, no glucose and I have been running a 140 and they said I am diabetic an put me on a pill I take when I eat. said it was pre~ diabetic and it was caused by my failing liver. I am really confused and my dr. doesnt have much bedside manner to explain. so what does it all mean because I already have a strict diet because of my other health probs

jayabee52 2011-03-13 18:11:19 -0500 Report

Howdy Mimi
Without more information as to your other health problems, what pill is you take when you eat and the other meds you are taking, I couldn't hazard a guess as to what's going on with you.

Doc 720
Doc 720 2011-03-11 23:32:25 -0600 Report

I gotta agree.

From: Standards of Medical Care in Diabetes—2010 (

1. A1C ≥6.5%. The test should be performed in a laboratory using a method that is NGSP certified and standardized to the DCCT assay.*
2. FPG ≥126 mg/dl (7.0 mmol/l). Fasting is defined as no caloric intake for at least 8 h.*
3. Two-hour plasma glucose ≥200 mg/dl (11.1 mmol/l) during an OGTT. The test should be performed as described by the World Health Organization, using a glucose load containing the equivalent of 75 g anhydrous glucose dissolved in water.*
4. In a patient with classic symptoms of hyperglycemia or hyperglycemic crisis, a random plasma glucose ≥200 mg/dl (11.1 mmol/l).
↵*In the absence of unequivocal hyperglycemia, criteria 1–3 should be confirmed by repeat testing.

I'm Just sayin'. Not to mention, I would almost kill for a run of 103's right now.

sdavis1989 2011-03-11 21:36:07 -0600 Report

there is no such thing as pre-diabetes; you can be close to becoming sick, but once you are told you are pre-diabetic, just consider yourself diabetic. there really is no cure for diabetes so one cannot become "pre-diabetic." if your glucose is 103, dont sweat it too much. exercise and start eating healthy, no more carbs and sweets. veggies and wheat all the way :) as for me, my doctor told me i was at 97 at which she said i was "pre-diabetic," i got a second opinion and was told to lay off the energy drinks foreverrrr… and that there was no such thing as being on the edge of diabetes.

nursetellie 2011-03-12 03:09:10 -0600 Report

I totally agree with the "pre diabetic" I was diagnosed at 15 and looking back now, "pre diabetic" is like being a "little diabetic"! I think that that actually hurt my thinking, at 15, "pre diabetic" meant I was not! Good luck!

GabbyPA 2011-03-11 20:19:42 -0600 Report

You said you met with your dietitian, then I would follow that plan after discussing it with your doctor. A diabetic "diet" is really just one that is balanced and healthy. If everyone ate like a diabetic, we would all be in a lot better shape.

Did your doctor give you a meter or are you just going to go in every 6 months to get lab work done to see how you are doing?

Getting involved here will help you a lot and give you some great ideas of things you can do to prevent or delay the onset of diabetes. A 103 is a little high for a fasting number, but if it was after eating it is not bad at all. You want to discuss your goal ranges with your doctor but typically anything from 75-100 is a good fasting number and anything below 140 is a good post meal number. But everyone is different and this is something that you and your doctor should work out together.

realsis77 2011-03-11 11:22:30 -0600 Report

Hi. Actually a high blood gluclose reading is 150 or above. I was running 300 to 400 when I was first diagonsed. I can figure out how any one considered 103 as a high number? If you were told that it was high by a doctor than I suggest you seek a second opnion by a different doctor. I'm sure he will agree that 103 is not high and is just fine. Id seek a second opnion by a different doctor as soon as possiable! I personally think you have nothing to worry about! I'm sure others will agree that 103 is not a problem nor is it a diabetic number. I think you will be just fine! To answer your question when I'm running high (above 150) I have to use insulin in a injection that I give to myself to lower my numbers. As I said I was running 400. Every morning I also use a 24 hour long lasting injection of insulin to prevent a blood sugar rise. After meals I use a different type of insulin injection to lower my blood sugar. Now my sugar is under control with the help of insulin. Some people don't need insulin and can control there sugar with pills daily. For me the pills didn't work I was still running high on them (400). So I was put on the insulin because the pills didn't work for me. Now my doctor has me do the morning insulin and if I'm 150 or above I use my second insulin . I hope I've helped you in some way. You can also check my answer agaist several websites that will also confirm that a high is 150 and up. I wish you the very best and God bless! I think you have nothing to worry about! But as I said go get a second opnion with a doctor and I believe he/she will say the same. Take care.

MOMMY_OF_AN_ANGEL 2011-03-11 06:24:27 -0600 Report

Wow! Im actually suprised that they told you that was a high reading. Back when I was diagnosed in '93, they wouldve said that was fine for a non-diabetic. Especially if they gave you that sweet stuff to drink before they did the test! (Or if you ate before you went there) Personally, I'd get a second opinion. Wishing you the best of luck ;)

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