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Hello everyone, I just found out two weeks ago that I have type 1. There's so much to try and soak in!! Any advice will help and be much appreciated.

Thanks and Good Luck!!


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MOMMY_OF_AN_ANGEL 2011-03-10 12:44:02 -0600 Report

Hello :) Welcome to DC. I was diagnosed as TypeI when I was 8 (17 yrs ago) and am still to this very day learning new things! I wont lie…to me, Type I is a little harder to control than Type 2. Our bodies make NO insulin AT ALL. It still amazes me how my body will react differently with soemthing different I eat, or the way my sugar sometimes spikes way high when I get sick. There is much info on the web nowadays, however, i think joining forums like this, is much better. What better way to learn about your health condition than by people whom have had it for a while? Well, just an FYI, everyone here is very nice and everyone asks all types of questions. Just keep in mind that we are all dealing with this same disease and there is no stupid question ;) Take care in the meantime!

realsis77 2011-03-10 09:03:36 -0600 Report

Hi and welcome! Although I'm type two I require daily shots too. It is a lot to adjust too that's for sure! I was diagnosed seven months ago. Basically I was immediatly put on the insulins after pills did nothing for me. I take a 24 hour insulin in the morning then I take a different insulin to cover my meals. I think the injectiions were the hardest to get used to. Also having to carry needles with me if I go to a bbq or a dinner. I know how your feeling now. It does get better I promise. The shots just become a part of routine like brushing your teeth. Try and keep a positive attitude and that will help so much! Its helped me a lot! Hang in there! I think you will enjoy being a part of DC. I've learned so much here and this site has really made a difference in my life! Again welcome and keep us posted on how your doing. What helped me was to learn as much as possiable about diabetes. Remember knowledge is power! Best wishes and God bless!

sNerTs1 2011-03-09 23:00:41 -0600 Report

Hi Tom ~

Welcome to the group =) I was diagnosed late 2008, I am still learning! Every day is a new day and well, make the best of each.

James is very right, if you try to take too much in you are more likely to get overload burn out and frustration follows right behind that. I will tell you this … every single one of us are different! We all have our own goods and bads and what works for one is not going to necessarily work for another. With that in mind …

Take your steps slowly and learn along the way. Keep track of your sugars (at first for me I was told to take them before and after meals to see where I was), that might be different for you as I am not Type I. Eat what you like and keep track how it affects your sugars, then you will know just what is good for you and bad for you (of course excluding the bads right away … sugars etc)

My motto through all of this has been quite simple ~ I am going to control this, this will NOT control me. If you keep a mindset like this, it gets a little easier.

There is so much great advice here. The only bad question is the one that you do not ask. What you ask you can learn from but so can others so dont be afraid to post or heck write one of us personally.

I wish you much luck.


jayabee52 2011-03-09 22:13:30 -0600 Report

Well I agree there IS a lot to take in Tommy. One of the pieces of advice that many would give to newly Dx'd diabetics (of any type) is slow down. Take baby steps in learning what to do. Control your Blood Glucose numbes ("BG#s") to be sure. Follow your diabetic care team's instructions, but take it easy. Diabetes ("DM") is a marathon, not a sprint.

If you overload on information, you'll probably "burn out" or go into information overload and give up or go into denial. Not good for you. Just pace yourself, and you are in a good place here to do just that. There's so much information for you here, and so many life experiences collected here it is amazing. And the people here understand what you are going through. Sometime you need some TLC, or sometime you might need some tough love kick in the pants. You'll get that here.

So my first piece of advice is "baby steps" (pace yourself).

Blessings to you and yours!