diabetic supplies and wonders...... hope this helps some....

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for those needing cheapier supplies- need a meter-look up on internet or on a box in store for company number, they will send you a meter for free and sample strips to get you started ——-or when without insurance I went to walmart/walgreens found cheapest meter at walmart while also considering it was the strips I need for meter that had to be the bargain part.

Insured brittle diabetics can be greatly helped by researching mini-med pumps online, asking your doctor,… I love my Insulin pump, feel alot more normal now.

Anyone considered a working service animal that warns you of lowering and raising blood sugars? I have to have a hypo-allergenic one due to my allergies and can train my own now However, if interested there are Non-Profit organizations that will breed/raise/train or get/train a proper dog for you. There are costs involved however, some places can get insurance to pay after a doctor's prescription, and others have funding to help if needed.

Those in need of just insulin can contact the maker/company that prodces your type of Insulin- online, or call and request such a form to fill out a form and recieve up to a year for free. Iknow other diabetics that have done this and get accepted.

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Thanks for the info! This should help many people! I thank God my insulin and supplies are covered! This is not the case for many people. Its good to know people CAN get help when they are in need!